Montana Brown’s Confession About Sex In The Love Island Villa Is Wild

Just because we're not seeing it on screen, doesn't mean it's not happening...

Montana Brown

by Georgia Aspinall |

Ever since Love Island changed the way they show sex on screen, it’s safe to say the reality show has been a lot less racy. Unlike the glory days of season two, when contestants were literally commentating on each other’s nightly sexcapades, nowadays the best glimpse we have at whether or not a couple has gotten intimate is a creepy shot of their touching feet. (Or, those wildly problematic lad chats that happen after anyone merely pecks lips).

According to Montana Brown though, who appeared in season three of Love Island, just because it’s not on-screen, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Appearing on an episode of podcast Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi, Montana spilled all the behind the scenes gossip about sex in the Love Island villa.

‘People are having sex everywhere – like genuinely everywhere – all the time. In the day, in the night, upstairs, downstairs. It is hilarious, because you know they can't really put it on camera,’ Montana revealed. ‘I remember at the start, everyone is so aware of the fact that you are literally five centimetres away from the next couple in a bed, with like 12 different couples, but everyone just gets so comfortable.’

Montana has admitted in the past that she would advise future contestants not to have sex in the villa, telling Metro ‘in hindsight, having sex on TV wasn’t the best idea. My advice to the new hopefuls is not to do it. If I could have done it differently, I wouldn’t have had sex.’

But it’s interesting that certain scenes are aired, while others go unnoticed. One memorable scene of Montana that was included in the show was when she and ex Alex Beattie took a break from the plastic baby challenge to have sex. While the scene was nowhere near as long as those of former seasons, it’s interesting that producers chose to include that but not others.

According to reports, there’s no hard and fast rule on whether sex will be shown or not. Insiders have told various outlets that if contestants say they’re not comfortable with sex scenes being broadcast, they’ll take it into account based on how many contestants have expressed regret at their sex scenes being aired after being on the show.

There’s also reports that producers leave out any scenes that aren’t gossip-worthy in the villa. After season four aired and there were marginally less sex scenes, The Sun reported that ‘producers had a rule this year that meant unless the islanders talk about the sex they won’t show it on screen. So like with the Do Bits Society, if they talk about it they show it. But if they don’t, then it won’t make the cut. It’s pretty respectful and some of the cast have been using it to their full advantage.’

If you had sex but denied it to production they couldn't air the footage.

Megan Barton-Hanson, who appeared on season four, was open about her sexual partners during the show despite the fact viewers were only made aware of her having sex with Wes Nelson, who she finished the show with. After leaving the villa, she revealed on Instagram that contestants could simply deny they had sex at all, and producers would be forced to leave it out of the cut.

‘What’s cheeky is if you had sex but denied it to production they can’t air the footage, so I would have had an easy life if I pretended that I didn’t like the other girls, but I love sex and it was pretty obvious,’ she said during an Instagram Q&A.

So, while there are clearly some areas producers can imply sex has happened, it seems contestants have a few options if they don’t want scenes to air. Of course, it should be the case that if contestants request their sex life is not discussed on screen, that it isn’t at all.

The lack of sex shown on screen might not be as salacious viewing for Love Island fans, but when it comes to protecting contestants from the onslaught of hate they get leaving the villa, it’s a necessity. While we still live in a world where women are slut-shamed for even admitting they like sex yet treated like objects to be won by men alike, safeguarding is the most important thing producers can do when it comes to Love Islanders sexual antics.

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