The Video Of Love Island’s Brad McClelland And Kaz Kamwi Having A ‘Chat’ Is A Massive Let Down

The private balcony moment was posted on Twitter this weekend...

Kaz Kamwi and Brad McClelland

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Remember way back on episode two of Love Island – I know, it literally feels like three months ago – when some eagle-eyed viewers noticed a clip of Kaz Kamwi and Brad McClelland having a private conversation up on the balcony?

It’s the same clip that Love Island producers, upon noticing viewers excitement at the mere thought of them conversing, teased us by posting a picture of them having a ‘chat’ on Twitter with the caption ‘Just leaving this here...’

Naturally, said tweet sent excitement into overdrive – with viewers convinced that there must be something developing between them for producers to taunt us with preview clips on social media. It would be a welcome change for Kaz, who has been coupled up with Toby Aromolaran since the beginning of the show.

While many hoped the pair would be this years’ steadfast couple that makes it through the whole series, it’s fast become clear that Kaz is more into Toby than she into him. With that being said then, we all want A LOT more for her. Brad being the resident heartthrob – or at least, the sexiest man in the villa as confirmed by science – it would be a deserved coupling for the villa sweetheart, Kaz.

Unfortunately, after waiting a week for this coupling to develop, it’s become clear that Love Island producers were using those manipulation tactics that make the show so all-encompassing to watch. Not only have Kaz and Brad barely been shown together on our screens, the video of that original balcony chat has been released on the Love Island app… and it is bleak.

Posting the 30-second clip on Twitter, Brad is seen fumbling through his words, saying a whole load of nothing, while Kaz sits patiently listening. They’re alerted to someone getting a text, and their conversation ends, with Iain Stirling noting ‘Think that text did you a favour Kaz.’

So basically, we were SCAMMED, guys. The teaser photo that made us all believe Kaz was about to be swept off her feet by the resident HUNK of the villa was in fact, her sitting through an incredibly boring monologue by Brad where he appears to be talking about his situation with another women.


There’s always Casa Amor, guys – we can always count on that to mix things up for our favourite contestants… not always in the best way but hey, a Love Island fan can dream.

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