A Writer Just Berated Pregnant Women For Seducing Men With Their “Lubed Up Legs” And We Didn’t Know That’s How It Works


woman applying oil to legs

by Georgia Aspinall |

Ladies, we’ve all been there. You get up in the morning, paint your face with the devils liquid, gloss your lips with seduction serum and lube up your legs for that perfect naturally slippy glow. Suddenly, you’re pregnant. ‘For God’s sake,’ you think. At least you do if you're Denise McAllister, presumably.

‘I am sick and tired of hearing women act like victims when they’re the ones who seduce men with their glossy lips and lubed legs, choosing to have sex because they’re too horny to stop, then complain when they get pregnant acting as if it’s all the man’s fault,' the writer tweeted this week. 'Hey. Been there.’

Honestly, you can only laugh. First of all, who on God’s green earth is applying lube to their legs. Literally, if anyone is doing this I beg you tell us why. Second, where are the sex-crazed women too horny to stop having sex? Is it a medical condition? Are they unable to go to work? Do they not get sore? We’re concerned. Third, at what point did we jump from having regular sex to automatically being pregnant? Is Denise OK? Do we need to sit Denise down and talk through her contraceptive options?

We have so, so many questions. Most of all from the remark, ‘Hey, been there’. You know, that casual phase you go through in your 20’s when you feel the need to be constantly oiled up, can’t stop shagging and never use protection, end up with an accidental pregnancy that you then complain about 24/7, that one.

It’s funny to laugh at for its absurdity, but to be serious for half a second, it’s also worth noting that this isn’t a random troll on the internet. Denise is a popular media personality in the US, she writes for The Daily Wire, PJ Media and was most recently fired from her freelance position at The Federalist because of homophobic remarks she made online.

Essentially, whether this is hilariously ridiculous or not, this woman does have a platform in the US, and since tweeting this has continued to back up her remark with further retweets denouncing feminists as part of a #NotAllMen agenda and making worryingly victim-blaming like statements including ‘women are the gatekeepers of their vaginas. If they fail to keep guard – they’re ultimately responsible for that failure.’

As much as we want to laugh this off and go about our day, this type of heteronormative and misogynist narrative is genuinely concerning. Just as concerning? Women using lube on their legs. Seriously, we're still confused.

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