Stop Bringing Up Billie Piper Every Time Laurence Fox Does Something Ludicrous

She divorced the man four years ago, she shouldn't be trending every time he does.

Billie Piper

by Georgia Aspinall |
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Laurence Fox, the actor now better-known for all-around ignorant comments is making headlines once again this morning after announcing his intention to form a political party.

Claiming that ‘our country is now in desperate need of a new political movement,’ the 42-year-old member of an acting dynasty (in case you’d forgotten) said that our current leaders ‘have lost touch with the people they represent and govern.’

Calling the party ‘Reclaim’ – a name subject to approval by the Electoral Commission – The Daily Telegraph reports that the party already has significant backing from former Tory donors with Fox himself claiming he had received £5million in donations. As they claim to stand dozens of candidates in the next general election, a Westminster source told the Telegraph the party was like ‘Ukip for culture’.

It sounds ludicrous, but when it comes to Laurence Fox, there’s little to be surprised by at this point. This is a man who called an audience member on Question Time racist for dubbing him a ‘white, privileged male’, attacked Black and working class actors for criticising the industry after seeking success and insisted that the misogynoir towards Meghan Markle by the right-wing press was not in fact rooted in racism at all.

The man makes the news for his ignorant comments on a near regular basis at this point, but there’s one thing commentary around his behaviour always has in common: the unfair dragging in of his ex-wife, Billie Piper.

The award-winning actor currently making headlines all on her own for her acclaimed Sky Atlantic series I Hate Suzie was trending on Twitter all weekend after Fox made his announcement. Yes, a lot of it is praising the incredible woman who consistently fights against the very ignorance her ex-husband actively encourages but really, does her name have to be brought up at all?

We know, we know, it may seem counterintuitive to ask that question and then quite literally bring her name up, but points have to be made - and rest assured, this is the last we'll be using their names together. (Unless, Billie Stans forbid, fate ever brought them back together).

Piper and Fox separated over four years ago, and while they do have two children together, the constant questioning of how and why she could be tied to a man that is so polar opposite to her in terms of political beliefs has been asked enough times. Perhaps Fox was an entirely different person when he met Piper, perhaps their divorce catapulted him into a frenzy of lunacy (I mean, if you lost Billie Piper, wouldn’t you lose it?) or perhaps Piper, aged 25 and newly divorced in 2007, found herself falling in love with a man whose views she didn’t agree with at all. Ultimately, we can’t know, and four years later is it something we should still even be talking about?

Yes, it’s an intriguing situation many of can’t help but hypothesise about, but as Fox becomes increasingly radical, it’s not fair that an acclaimed actor clearly trying and succeeding in forging her own path away from her ex-husband constantly finds herself tied to him with every ignorant statement made. Imagine being so polar opposite to your ex-husband, four years post-divorce, knowing that every time he tweets something you’re name will be all over the tabloids once again for something you have nothing to do with?

After all these years, it’s time the world lets Billie disassociate from Fox in the eyes of the public. She may have to share her children with the man, but she doesn’t have to share his dimming spotlight.

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