Khloe Kardashian Is Right – Staying Friends With The Father Of Your Sister’s Children Is Important

Khloe Kardashian has come under fire for calling Kanye West her 'brother for life,' but maintaining friendships with their sister's exes is one of the few things the Kardashians get right.

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by Georgia Aspinall |

This week, Khloe Kardashian has come under fire for… well a ton of different things to be honest, but let’s start with her birthday message for Kanye West. The reality star posted a tribute to Kim Kardashian’s soon-to-be ex-husband calling him her ‘brother for life’, something fans seem to have taken issue with.

According to the near 20,000 comments, Khloe’s followers were not happy with her using a pre-divorce picture of Kim and Kanye, nor the supposed betrayal of wishing her sisters ex a happy birthday.

‘Out of all pictures this one,’ one follower commented to near 10,000 likes. ‘Not posting this before Kim?’ another added.

But it was after Kim herself commented on the picture that fans decided to detail exactly why they were so annoyed. This is despite the fact Kim literally posted a balloon emoji, clearly signalling she was celebrating for Kanye too.

‘I'm sorry Kim,’ one follower replied to Kim’s comment. ‘The whole “brother for life” thing is too petty for me. Your sister bond should be much more strong than feeling the need to say that. Your divorce was so hard on you even the picture is uncalled for. There is so many other pictures. Google could of been her friend. This wasn't cute but im glad you’re being strong through it all.’

Naturally, Khloe took issue with this. ‘Why are you even commenting on something you know nothing about?’ she replied. ‘You don't think me and my sister's talk about one another's feelings? We are with one another every day. This is MY FAMILY. Not yours! Don't comment as if you in the know unless you are actually in the know. Weirdo!!’

It’s one of many occasions a Kardashian sister has come under fire for her friendship with another sisters ex. In fact, the Kardashian’s have long been considered somewhat strange for the way each maintains close bonds with their sister’s exes despite often toxic patterns of behaviour. Khloe and Scott Disick’s friendship has been scrutinised for years, as was Kim’s reunion with Tristan Thompson earlier this month.

The Kardashian approach to blended families is one of the few things they get right.

But actually, the way the Kardashian’s approach blended families is one of the few things they get absolutely right. Because these men are not random exes – they’re not casual hook-ups that have screwed over their sister nor are they past boyfriends that are no longer relevant, these men are the fathers of their sisters children.

Watching your sister’s relationship fall apart is hard, watching them be treated badly by their partner is even worse. In circumstances where kids aren’t involved, it’s easy to cut them off or hate them, but as soon as kids are part of the picture, that becomes much trickier.

For reality stars like the Kardashian’s, it would be so beneficial for them to have constant feuds with their sisters exes – to start drama for a storyline or kick off for the sake of a finale. But in actuality, it’s very rare we see them do that for any real period of time.

Yes, Kim may unfollow Tristan post-cheating, Khloe might shout at Scott for treating Kourtney Kardashian badly, but largely, they always make an effort to maintain a healthy relationship or reconcile. The only real exception is the way Blac Chyna has been exiled from the family after years of drama with Rob Kardashian, a situation that may have informed exactly why they try so hard to stay on good terms with their in-laws now.

Because ever since that scenario, the women have gone above and beyond in forging friendships with the parents of their siblings babies, regardless of how horrendous they were treated (we’re looking at you, Tristan). And it all goes to show the importance of putting children first post-relationship breakdown.

Having friendly relationships in blended families is no mean feat, but negative ones so often causes extra stress on already strained relationships that can easily lead to complete breakdowns in communication. Who suffers most in that scenario? The child that is now in-between a custody battle or two warring families.

The time they spend with both parents together dramatically decreases, their life changed practically overnight. Their birthday parties are stressful and tense, something they easily pick up on and in the end, they bear the brunt of family feud’s escalating. So in Khloe’s case then, showing her support for Kanye ‘for life’ only serves to mend the likely-broken fences of Kim and Kanye’s divorce battle and ultimately, make things a lot easier for her sister.

At the end of the day, the Kardashian’s are no longer young Hollywood twenty-somethings running around making endless spinoff’s based on their scandalous lives, they’re grown women in their 30s and 40s attempting to maintain healthy and happy families – so they should, in fact, be handling relationship breakdowns and family feuds maturely. Khloe may have got a fair few things wrong this week, but this certainly wasn’t one of them.

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