The Last Thing Jennifer Lawrence Needs After Opening Up About The Trauma Of Revenge Porn Is People Searching For Her Leaked Nudes

‘Anybody can go look at my naked body without my consent, any time of the day, my trauma will exist forever,' the star said of the 2014 photo leak.

Jennifer Lawrence

by Georgia Aspinall |
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Jennifer Lawrence’s experience with fame sounds overwhelming. That’s the overarching takeaway from her latest interview with Vanity Fair, an in-depth profile on the return of the movie star with star-studded comedy Don’t Look Up. In it, her trauma is palpable - borne from years of intense public scrutiny, a near-death flying experience and falling victim to revenge porn.

The interview is the first time in years that Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about the impact of her 2014 iCloud photo leak that saw nude images of the then-24-year-old disseminated widely online.

‘Anybody can go look at my naked body without my consent, any time of the day,’ she says. ‘Somebody in France just published them. My trauma will exist forever.’

It’s one line among near 5,000 words that depict the actor's struggles with fame, setting boundaries and returning to acting – but it’s the reason she’s trending on Google this morning.

For those with empathy, that one line elicits a deep pang of sadness for the now-31-year-old's pain from such a gross violation of her privacy, body and self-esteem. For those seemingly uncapable of any care, it’s resulted in people rehashing the very same images that cause Jennifer Lawrence said trauma.

Right now, there are 20 different variations of search terms on Google for Jennifer Lawrence's leaked nudes.

Right now, ‘Jennifer Lawrence iCloud 2014 nude photo leak’, ‘Jennifer Lawrence leaked pictures’ and ‘Jennifer Lawrence hacked photos’ are among three of 17 breakout search term variations about her revenge porn images being shared.

Once again, a female actor has shared the emotional turmoil of having explicit photos posted online without her consent and it’s only resulted in more people attempting to find the pictures.

We’ve written this story so many times, for so many different women. So often it’s shared and liked, people agreeing in spades that no one should be searching for leaked naked images of any celebrity. Yet, it’s always the same outcome, it’s always the same depressing reality.

What’s clear is that we need a legal solution: better ways of ensuring leaked images never resurface online, harsher repercussions for hackers that are responsible, and stronger awareness of just how traumatising it is to have your naked body seen by millions without your consent.

We should be stopping revenge porn in its tracks before more women are left with this never-ending pain, but we should also be eradicating the culture in which casual viewing of non-consensual pornographic images is ever accepted.

Searching for and sharing images like this should be a taboo, not something laughed about in the group chat – so if you spot a friend, colleague or acquaintance joking about Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked nudes today, remind them they’re contributing to the traumatisation of a woman already emotionally scarred - and that’s nothing to laugh about.

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