Whether You’re Excited About It Or Not, There’s A ‘Freedom Day’ Meme For You

How 'free' do you feel today?

Freedom day memes

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Ahhh ‘Freedom Day’. The fateful date that near 50,000 people tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, our Prime Minister entered his second day of isolation and… every single lockdown restriction was eased.

It’s safe to say the lockdown divide has never been stronger, but we should be clear. Covid cases are high – over 300,000 people tested positive in the last seven days – but hospital admissions are still much lower than they were when this number of people were testing positive in January. Most recently, there were 40 deaths reported in the UK, compared to 1,178 when coronavirus cases were this high in January. The vaccination programme then, appears to be working well.

The problem is, cases, hospital admissions and deaths still appear to be rising – so there’s no wonder many are incredibly concerned that all restrictions are being lifted (save for those around isolating when you’re in contact with someone who tests positive or test positive yourself). Particularly, when more than 30% of the UK population still needs to be double-vaccinated.

But for those who aren’t concerned – or at least, are on the fence – today seems to be something worth celebrating. Google Trends will tell you that anyway. ‘Happy Freedom Day’ is a breakout search term today, with ‘Freedom Day memes’ rising above ‘lockdown memes’ for the first time.

Some people want to share their excitement at being able to attend nightclubs, to go out without fear of social distancing, but that’s not what all the memes are about. For many, Freedom Day memes also represent a chance to swipe at the government – and air their concerns about how terrifying all of this lockdown easing is.

So, while some are wishing ‘Happy Freedom Day’ in earnest, many are rolling their eyes too. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, we’ve gathered up the biggest ‘Freedom Day’ memes going viral right now…

Freedom Day memes

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