PSA: There Is Now A Gin-Wine Hybrid And We’re Conflicted

We're already dreading the hangover...

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Have you ever experienced 'wine drunk'?

If you haven't (lucky you) then you've definitely heard of it: common side effects include being far drunker than anyone else in the room, turning what was supposed to be one 'quick drink after work' into a fiesta that lasts until six in the morning and waking up to 10 missed calls and several messages sent by Wine You - obviously a totally different person to actual you - which will haunt you for months to come.

The other alcoholic beverage to parallel wine in the stakes of Drinks That Look Harmless But Will Actually Ruin Your Life? gin. A couple of years ago we made the catastrophic error of creating something called 'Gin O Clock'. Characterized by swirly-whirly writing and fishbowl glasses and spirals of grapefruit and cucumber it tricked us all into think Gin was a social-media grid accessory rather than, say a 40%-proof drink.

Public service announcement: A gin-wine hybrid has now been released and while it is incontestably very pretty, we're also convinced it's here to sabotage your summer.

OK: so on the surface the gin-wine hybrid may look harmless. The packaging is particularly attractive if you happen to be a millennial pink fan or an Instagram user.

It's also a pretty intriguing invention: produced in the UK by Kent-based vineyard Chapel Down, it's been given the status of a hybrid because it's produced using pinot noir grape skins blended with wheat spirit. According to the Chapel Down head winemaker Josh Donaghay-Spire, the wine-gin is infused with the characteristics of pinot noir, including juniper, coriander, dried red berries, rose buds, citrus fruits, rosehip, angelica and grains of paradise.

Yes, the gin-wine does sound totally delicious. But remember Rosé? You might have forgotten given it's a warm-weather beverage and it feels like about 14 months since we've seen any sunshine. Rosé is the drink that's taught us that just because something is pink, light, fragrant and feminine looking does not mean that it will take you down with the power of a WWF wrestler on a summer afternoon.

The fact that the Chapel Down gin comes in three colours and is marketed in a bottle that pairs beautifully with artisanal floral arrangements only makes us more suspicious that it is, in fact, completely lethal.

Maybe we'll just stick with a Pimms...


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