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Piercing Your Ring Finger Is The Latest Engagement Trend

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A new engagement ring trend is on the rise, and it involves some blood, sweat and tears. Moving on from the ring finger tattoo, people are now trying a ring finger piercing to show off their intention to get married.

The dermal piercings involve putting a flat plate underneath the skin as an anchor to which a piece of jewellery is attached, visible on the surface of the skin.

While you can choose to have a diamond, people are also getting even more creative, with bars and rings also attached to the stone.

Of course, unlike a normal engagement ring, there are health risks involved. Dermal piercings must be placed in the exact right spot, not too deep or shallow into to skin, as too deep the skin can grow over the piercing and too shallow it can move around. In fact, dermatologists warned in 2014 that dermal piercings could cause serious complications after a 29-year-old woman suffered chronic pain in her hand for nine months because the piercing became embedded in the lower layer of her skin.

There is also the risk of it being ripped out, which many people have complained about on Instagram. With your hands coming into contact with germs all the time, it’s also crucial to keep it clean to avoid infection.

So, while it might look pretty, and it’s much cheaper than an actual engagement ring, there are many things to consider before opting for this alternative declaration of love.

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