The Moment Tory MP David Davis Tells Boris Johnson To His Face That It’s Time To Resign

'In the name of God, Go!' he said during Prime Minister's Questions.

Boris Johnson

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |

Boris Johnson is facing a vote of no confidence after MPs from his own party have submitted formal letters outlining their doubt in him as a leader.

The Prime Minister is being lambasted from all sides after seemingly endless allegations have emerged around several parties hosted at Downing Street during lockdown.

Johnson claimed he had no idea these parties were illegal because nobody told him they were against the rules — the rules which he had spent hours dictating to the nation on live TV.

While Johnson has so far maintained that the best course of action to clear up this confusion is to wait for the outcome of an inquiry being led by senior civil servant Sue Gray, the latest Prime Ministers Question's served as a brutal reminder to the PM that (in the words of Labour's deputy leader Angela Rayner): ‘He can run but he can’t hide.’

Rising from his seat in the Commons to hold Johnson to account during the Q&A session, Conservative MP David Davis let off his own verbal hand grenade and publicly told Boris Johnson to resign.

‘Like many on these benches I spent weeks and months defending the Prime Minister against often angry constituents, remind them of his success delivering Brexit, and the vaccines, and many other things,’ he began.

‘But I expect my leaders to shoulder the responsibility for the actions they take. Yesterday, he did the opposite of that. So, I’ll remind him of a quotation altogether too familiar to him of Leo Amery to Neville Chamberlain: “You have sat there too long for all the good you have done. In the name of God, Go!”’

This Oliver Cromwell quote was famously used by Leo Amery during Prime Minister's Questions in 1940 to tell then PM Neville Chamberlain to step down after a string of military and naval disasters in the Second World War. He resigned three days later.

Johnson has yet to follow suit. ‘I must say to the right honourable gentleman, I don’t know what he’s talking about’, he replied.

But Davis’ feelings were echoed by dozens in the Commons as his peers erupted into jeers at the Prime Minister’s expense. With letters of no confidence piling up around him, Johnson could be days away from being removed from his position of power - whether he likes it or not.

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