Good News Worth Sharing: An Orchestra Is Offering Free Concerts Outside The Homes Of People Self-Isolating

‘People just have to open their doors or windows to uplift them and give them the emotional support they need.'

Good news worth sharing

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A group of musicians is offering free concerts to people self-isolating in London in an effort to provide emotional support as Covid-19 forces more people to stay at home. The group will ask those in isolation to open their doors or windows and play for them outside their home.

The World Harmony Orchestra posted the idea on Facebook yesterday, asking supporters to help them set up a system to contact anyone in self-isolation who wants a free concert. They also confirmed that musicians – a lot of whom may find themselves without work in the coming weeks and months – will be paid for performing by a grant they receive.

‘Dear friends, you know that we launched our Cuppa concerts over the last winter in order to reach out to isolated people who cannot easily go to concerts and would benefit from musical experiences,’ the Facebook post read. ‘This has been a success so far, and now, we'd like to provide the same service to people who are or will be self-isolating because of the virus.'

‘They will need emotional support as much as material,’ they continued. ‘We believe there’s a way for us musicians to play music to those people if we do it just outside their homes. They’d just have to open their door or window and listen to the music performed for them. Or even do it in their garden, with a safe distance of course.'

As well as paying musicians who play with their own grant fund, they have said that people self-isolating can contribute in a ‘give-what-you-can’ approach.

The organisation of professional musicians performs to raise money for peace and humanitarian causes and charities. ‘We believe that society should be like an orchestra, where everyone plays their part and has their voice heard,’ their website reads.

To find out more, email info@worldharmonyorchestra.com__.

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