Who Is Claudia Conway? The 15-Year-Old TikTok Star Giving Her Mother Kellyanne Conway And Donald Trump A Headache…

'My mother's job ruined my life' said Claudia - the latest TikToker to trouble Trump.

Claudia Conway

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President Trump’s longterm senior advisor Kellyanne Conway today announced she’s resigning from The White House – with many speculating part of the decision could be linked to her teenage daughter Claudia’s continued social media protests against her job and politics on Twitter and Tik Tok.

Just hours before Conway resigned, Claudia, 15, tweeted that her mother’s job had ‘ruined [her] life’ and that she was seeking legal emancipation from her parents.

In a statement about her resignation, Conway, 53, said she was leaving to focus on her children to give them ‘less drama, more mama’.

Conway has four children - twins Claudia and George IV, Charlotte, and Vanessa – with her husband George, who is also a strong critic of President Trump. He has also recently said he’s stepping away from political activism and social media. George is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project - a Republican political action committee working to prevent the re-election of President Trump in 2020.

While Claudia has been protesting against her mother’s boss for a while, she went viral this weekend with a series of Tweets (and for the full selection, you can follow Claudia Conway on Twitter @claudiamconwayy.)

‘I'm devastated that my mother is actually speaking at the RNC. Like DEVASTATED beyond compare,’ she wrote. Her mother is still scheduled to speak, later this week.

'I’m officially pushing for emancipation. buckle up because this is probably going to be public one way or another, unfortunately. welcome to my life.

'i have been using social media as an outlet to express my passions, individuality, and to shed light on some hardships. i have been vulnerable for a reason. thank you for supporting me.

‘My mother's job ruined my life to begin with. heartbreaking that she continues to go down that path after years of watching her children suffer. selfish. it’s all about money and fame, ladies and gentlemen.’ This tweet received more than 181,000 likes.

She continued: ‘as for my dad, politically, we agree on absolutely nothing. we just both happen to have common sense when it comes to our current president. stop “stanning” him.’

She later added: 'y’all love to twist everything. i’m not getting emancipated because of my mom’s job.. it is because of years of childhood trauma and abuse.

‘this is becoming way too much so i am taking a mental health break from social media. see y’all soon. thank you for the love and support. no hate to my parents please.’

However, soon after her mother and father made their respective announcements, she returned to TikTok, saying: ‘Look what I did! Look at what I did, ladies and gentlemen’ over a series of videos.

You can follow Claudia on TikTok @datjerseygirl.

Claudia has posted provocative tweets before – she asked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to adopt her, and claimed she was ‘gonna go on my mother’s phone and set WAP as her ringtone for me’. She also said that Trump was ‘a f**king idiot’.

She made headlines earlier this month too, when she became embroiled in President Trump’s battle with TikTok – his administration has said they’re considering banning the app.

TikTok posted an Instagram post to their official account, featuring a series of users partaking in a #HurtMyFeelings challenge, where they filmed videos completing the sentence, ‘you think you can hurt my feelings?’

Claudia featured in the montage, lying down and crying with the caption ‘you think you can hurt my feelings? Lol my mom is Kellyanne conway’. TikTok deleted the Instagram post about an hour later.

Some have said the US government are considering banning the app because of its links to China. Others have suggested Trump didn’t like that a series of TikTok activists claimed they’d bought loads of seats to one of his rallies earlier this year, making it look empty.

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