Carol Vordeman Is Proving That Having F**k Buddies Is Ageless And We’re Obsessed

Our Queen told reporters she has numerous 'special friends' and she's loving it.

Carol Vorderman

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Carol Vorderman, former Countdown presenter and all-around iconic Queen, has vowed that we will never marry again in a new interview, instead preferring to prioritise ‘special friends’ (which I think we can all take to mean, fuck buddies).

‘I'm very happy, I have no complaints. I am not dating anyone, I have special friends. Special friends. Plural,’ Vorderman told the MailOnline yesterday. ‘I never want to get married again.'

Vorderman, who has just joined forces with Smart Energy GB and Energy Saving Trust to highlight sustainable steps we can all take to combat the climate crisis, has been married twice in her life but has been divorced since 2000. Opening up about her love life, she also shared her advice on body acceptance at any age.

‘Young women beat themselves up about being perfect and there is no such thing,’ she said. ‘They compare themselves. And you get to an age where you go "just enjoy it, smile and enjoy it"…I don't actually know what I weigh but I'm happy, I don't need to go on a diet or anything like that. I do what I want to do and I'm not harming anybody, I'm just cracking on with being alive.'

Honestly, it’s the 2020 mood we all wish we had – particularly her admission about entertaining ‘special friends’ despite the pressure she undoubtedly faces to formally date or re-marry at 59. Because, having the sex life you want shouldn’t have an age-limit.

Women at any age should not only be able to embrace a life of safe, casual sex, but also be open about it without the stigma around sex that only worsens with age. At least, that’s what women we spoke to said.

‘There is so much pressure on my single women my age to find a serious partner,’ says Lily Ryan, 65 from Liverpool. ‘First of all because a lot of us aren’t as financially independent as we were and might be heading toward a crappy pension. But also, women my age pay a higher social price for being open about loving sex. If I went to the golf course and told my friends I had a series of fuck buddies, there would be uproar. I’d be a social pariah.’

‘I’m sure many of my single friends probably have fuck buddies, but they keep quiet about it especially from their families, that’s where most of the pressure comes from,’ Ryan continues. ‘But that’s why we need women like Carol Vorderman talking about it so openly though, she gives us permission to be like “Yes, we can have sex with who we want and it’s none of your business”.’

So, whether it’s talking about loving her body or her sex life, we need more Carol Vorderman energy from now on

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