Here Are The Best Anti-Brexit Posters From This Weekend’s People's Vote March

Here Are The Best Anti-Brexit Posters From This Weekend’s People's Vote March

    By Georgia Aspinall Posted on 22 Oct 2018

    On Saturday, the biggest Brexit demonstration occurred as an estimated 700,000 people turned up to show support for a referendum on the final Brexit deal. Led by young voters, protesters brought out their very best, and most hilarious, signs that have of course gone viral on social media, leading us all the question, is a great protest sign the new millennial OOTD?

    One absolute gem, that has caused uproar with Spice Girls fans, is a sign that read ‘This is like when Geri Halliwell overestimated her viability as a solo artist and left the Spice Girls’.

    Another read, ‘Even Baldrick had a plan’…

    Others went for a more serious vibe, but nonetheless used hilarious pictures to compensate…

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    Of course, the protest went beyond hilarious signage, the sentiment was a lighthearted cover for what was actually a serious protest for the people’s right for a referendum, after numerous accounts of mishandling Brexit negotiations and the initial Vote Leave campaign being found to have broken electoral law.

    For many of the attendees, this was their first protest, coming out in support of the People’s Vote out of genuine fear for the state of the UK should we leave the EU. Imogen Dempsey decided to make the protest both her and her 8-year-old daughters first, ‘I want her to know and remember we stood up to the shitshow of Brexit,’ she said, ‘It’s robbing our young people of so much opportunity & causing the loss of so many research and skilled jobs.

    ‘My dad and sister have both lived/worked in the EU and it seems crazy my daughter won’t be able to have the same freedom of movement,’ she told Grazia, ‘Brexit is already having a terrible effect on jobs, particularly automotive & pharmaceutical sectors as widely reported.’

    Laura Tisdall chose this as her first protest despite her fear of large crowds. ‘I think there comes a point where if something is important enough and you feel strongly enough about it that that has to outweigh any anxiety,’ she told Grazia, ‘Well, I feel really strongly about Brexit. I’ve been worried about it since the referendum and that has only increased as the negotiations have gone so poorly. I think moving forward with it will negatively impact people in all walks of life, but especially the poorest in our country, and standing up against that is far more important than my dislike of crowds.’

    Catherine Moore also decided to come out and protest for the first time, ‘As a scientist, my PhD was funded by the EU and from that I developed a whole new service to test for viruses like flu for the population of Wales,’ she said, ‘We now have no access to similar schemes. Funding for the NHS is so tight, that bringing in new, better services to quickly diagnose infection and other diseases like cancer is a constant battle. Before, we could join the EU framework programmes.’

    ‘My dad was a soldier in Northern Ireland during the 1970’s. I remember him coming home each time and being completely withdrawn and depressed. He started drinking as he probably had PTSD before it was acknowledged,’ she said, ‘I don’t want Ireland to flare up again.

    ‘Article 50 should never had been triggered without a clear and comprehensive plan, I could have almost accepted it all if that had happened,’ she continued, ‘Now we’re being told that the leave campaign broke electoral law, social media was infiltrated by ‘bots’, the NHS is planning for no deal and consultants are working on this at extra cost to the NHS, the wheels of government have ground to a halt with real issues like social care, housing, the benefits system are being parked to sort it out. I marched because all I can see is utter madness coming and people like my family who are still poor will really feel the consequences.’

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