Ariana Grande Revives Noughties Nostalgia In Thank U, Next Video

She’s been filming a Legally Blonde/Mean Girls/13 Going On 30-inspired promo video...

Ariana Grande | © PA Images

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Is it ok to be nostalgic for the early noughties, an era that to many, feels like just yesterday? Nope, there’s no time to ponder that one, as we’ve got serious Ariana Grande chats to get on with.

Filming the video to her already wildly popular track thank u, next - a tribute to all her exes, including Pete Davidson and Mac Miller - the singer has shared some behind the scene shots of the new promo material.

First there's her and Jennifer Coolidge (Stiffler's mum from American Pie, but in Ariana's pic, way more Paulette Bonafonté from Legally Blonde) which, alongside a photo of Ariana at an old-school bright orange Mac desktop, implies a big homage to the 2001 Reese Witherspoon film.

Then there’s a picture of her with ‘the plastics’ which is the name given to the nasty girl-gang Lindsay Lohan’s character gets involved with in 2003’s Mean Girls.

Ariana is also paying tribute to 2004’s Jennifer Garner-starring 13 going on 30 with the inclusion of a magical dollhouse and there’ll be another film she’s shouting out that is currently under wraps. A fiver says it’s not going to be Shrek, Gladiator or American Beauty.

But possible contenders, as in women-centric films (aka romcoms) made circa 2000-2003 include Amélie (Ariana in a French café looking twee, what’s not to like?), Garden State (Ariana as a manic pixie dream girl, what’s not to like?), How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (no jokes about Ariana and Pete Davidson here, please!) and Miss Congeniality (Ariana as a wisecracking Sandra Bullock).

In other Ariana news, she has replaced the engagement ring Pete gave her with a friendship ring. The main difference between the two is one means she’s going to get engaged and the other one mean she has a friend, and more subtly speaking, the friendship ring isn’t the $93,000 ring Davidson proposed to her with and instead matches with a couple of her mates’ rings, reports Hollywood Life.

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