Why Do We Only Ever Criticise Women For Looking ‘Bored’?

After her appearance at the Brits, people have said Adele looked like she didn't want to be there - but the same wouldn't be said about any of her male counterparts.


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Last night, the Brit Awards ceremony undeniably belonged to Adele.

In her speeches - which were kept short and sweet, after the famous incident in 2015 when she flipped the bird after James Corden cut her off - Adele dedicated the final award to her son, Angelo, and his dad, her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. She also commented on the biggest change of the night: that there are now no gendered categories. 'I understand why this has changed,' she said passionately, 'but I really love being a woman and a female artist. I'm really proud of us.'

If you listened to what she said, Adele was obviously thankful for her awards. But, perhaps because she has already won 13 Brits, people have accused her of looking bored during last night's ceremony. 'Is it just me or is Adele giving off bored/fed up vibes?' one person asked. Another tweeted this morning: 'I can't stop thinking about how bored and not arsed Adele looked last night, which is even more sad when basically everyone in attendance was SO excited she was there.'

It's not just Adele who has recently been publicly slammed for looking disinterested. Courteney Cox was also subject to the same kind of comments, after her appearance on The Graham Norton Show last week to promote Scream. Tabloids even wrote that, during the interview, she looked like she 'disassociated'.

But the thing is, being 'bored' or looking moody is nearly always something that is projected on to women (whether they're famous, or not).

From the Brits, to being told to 'smile' and 'cheer up love' by catcallers, because we're expected to look happy and upbeat all the time. If you're not jumping for joy, or overly kind, then you're a horrible cow. And, it might be sexist, but even as women, we accuse each other of it all the time. For goodness sake, women who have passive facial expressions when they're not doing anything are said to have a 'resting bitch face' - when there just isn't a male equivalent.

And famous actors and musicians simply don't get told they look disinterested during awards shows they've been to tens of times, or during interviews where they're answering questions they've heard thousands of times before. Liam Gallagher is hailed as a legend for his don't give a fuck attitude. Ed Sheeran won an award last night, and even though he is pretty much this country's most famous musician, nobody said he looked bored. We need to stop presuming that women are having a bad time just because they don't have a grin from ear to ear.

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