From J Lo To Adele, Here’s The A List Way To Announce Your Relationship On Instagram

Soft launching? That's so gen Z.

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Do you remember the good old days, when announcing you had a partner on social media meant changing your relationship status on Facebook? A simple, yet effective way to let everyone from your colleagues, your nan to people you used to go to school with that you're off the market.

Nowadays, I don't need to tell you that - for celebrities and us normies - it's a bit more complicated than that. As social media has absorbed even more of our lives, how you make the big announcement is more important than ever. There's a lot of pressure riding on it, OK?

But the cool thing to do? Not make a big deal out of the big deal. It's why soft-launching has become a thing with Gen Z, where you simply hint on social media that you're seeing someone - photos of dates without them in it, or maybe you'll tag them as a photographer in the caption (as explained on TikTok - where else! - thanks to Digital Marketing Specialist Jess Fisher) - instead of uploading a pic of your significant other where you've called them 'this one' with that pleading face emoji.

Now, some celebrities aren't soft-launching, as such, but they are making you work to find out their relationship status. Well, scroll to find it.

This weekend, Adele finally made her relationship with American sports agent Rich Paul Insta official, uploading a selfie of the pair. But it's only the third photo in her post, after some photos of herself - looking stunning in Schiaparelli couture at a wedding. (The pair have been linked since July this year.) But Adele isn't the only one who's done the slideshow reveal. It's like when Chrishell from Selling Sunset decided to subtly announce she was seeing her boss, Jason Oppenheim{ =nofollow}, with some photos of the pair buried after several photos of the cast together on holiday in Italy. And when Kourtney Kardashian did her Travis Barker reveal, it was with a close up hand holding shot rather than a clear image of the two of them.

In fact, Chrishell said in the caption to her post that she was inspired by J Lo{ =nofollow}, who really kicked off the trend, confirming her relationship with Ben Affleck as the last photo in a carousel she uploaded to Instagram - after some pics where she looked incredible in a bikini.

So, basically, if you're going to show the world your new partner, make sure people have to do some scrolling to find them.

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