Interiors Porn: 15 Scandi Bedroom Ideas To Instantly Make You Feel More Zen

Interiors Porn: 15 Scandi Bedroom Ideas To Instantly Make You Feel More Zen

    By Katie Rosseinsky Posted on 17 Oct 2018

    The hygge trend remains strong, despite the fact that we still can’t pronounce it properly… As much as Scandinavian design is all about simplicity and fuss-free style, it places a pretty high premium on cosiness, too, making it the perfect aesthetic to embrace when giving your bedroom a new look. While we’re still struggling to pronounce hygge like a proper Dane, our sleeping spaces can definitely benefit from its guiding principles, especially as the nights draw in and the temperatures drop.

    As keeping it simple is the first precept of Scandi style, the look is mercifully easy to pull off, even if you’re tight on space (it’ll work just as well in a tiny nook as it will in an airy studio loft, fact) or on budget (just a few accessories or colour switches can make a big difference). It’s all just a matter of working with a neutral or monochrome palette, keeping pattern and texture to a minimum and investing in a handful of key pieces: a round mirror, some cosy throws in white and grey, some wooden accents, a hanging lamp and some trailing house plants to bring the outdoors in. Oh, and some white matte paint. You’re going to need a lot of white matte paint.

    Sold? Before embarking on your new, fuss-free Scandi existence, scroll through the gallery for some of the most aesthetically pleasing minimalist bedrooms that Pinterest has to offer. You’ll feel at least 80 percent more relaxed, we promise…

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