Interiors Porn: 21 Statement Ceiling Ideas That'll Make You Want To Aim High

Interiors Porn: 21 Statement Ceiling Ideas That'll Make You Want To Aim High

    By Katie Rosseinsky Posted on 15 Oct 2018

    For a long time, ceilings have been the underdog of the interiors world. Though there are, of course, some notable exceptions to this rule - Sistine Chapel, anyone? – your ceilings are all too often an afterthought when it comes to decorating a home. While we’ll happily spend hours poring over wallpaper samples, fabric swatches and paint testers in an effort to fine-tune the perfect colour scheme for our walls (one that’s Instagram-friendly now but won’t look dated later) and will agonise endlessly over the right tile finish for our bathrooms (terrazzo or marble?), our ceilings get overlooked again and again, fobbed off with a slick of white paint. But we are the ones missing out - because, when it’s done right, a statement ceiling adds instant character to a room. If the early Noughties had feature walls (thank you, Changing Rooms, Property Ladder and a raft of other MDF-obsessed home improvement shows), the statement ceiling is that trend’s chicer, more grown-up cousin.

    According to interiors site LivingEtc, Pinterest searches for ‘statement ceilings’ and ‘ceiling ideas’ are up by 310 percent, and the photo sharing platform has plenty of proof that your ceiling can be the ultimate blank canvas. For those of a more maximalist bent, patterned tiles and vibrant flashes of colour will surely appeal (and if you’re not brave enough to try out those ideas on your walls, a ceiling is surely the perfect starting point); if you are after something a little more simple, subtle marbled effects and complementary colours can be an easy way to tap into this trend and create a unique, memorable effect. Just think of your ceiling as a fifth wall of sorts - and get inspired by the ideas in the gallery below…

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