Books To Panic Read Now Before The Films Come Out

The books to panic buy on your kindle now before the blockbuster films come out in the next couple months


by Alexandra Heminsley |

There's some seriously amazing film adaptations of books coming out soon - here are the pick of the best to panic buy on your kindle before they hit the cinemas.

Inherent Vice - Thomas Pynchon

Thomas Pynchon’s most accessible novel for years, it’s set in 1970 Los Angeles and follows private investigator and committed stoner Larry ‘Doc’ Sportello, who’ll be played by Joaquin Phoenix in the adaptation. Funny, dark and psychedelic, it’s a great read, and one definitely worth taking a look at before the film. Pynchon himself has not been photographed for 50 years, yet director Paul Thomas Anderson has apparently persuaded him to make an onscreen cameo. We can’t wait. You've got until Jan to get reading.

The Testament of Youth - Vera Brittain

If you feel a little guilty about not quite being able to face any more WW1 dramas from The Front, this is the book - and movie - for you. A memoir, it recounts the real life experiences of Brittain and her contemporaries during WW1. Instead of dwelling on the hardships of life in the trenches it casts light on what was endured by women during the Great War. It feels eye-wideningly modern, almost raw, and we hope the movie can do it justice. Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark recently sited it as one of her most influential reads, and it makes a great companion piece to Sarah Waters’ recent The Paying Guests, which takes a fictional look at similar experiences. You've got until Jan ot get reading.

Unbroken - Laura Hillenbrand

Hillenbrand’s previous non-fiction publication was Seabiscuit which, as we know, became a movie a few people saw. It looks as if Angela Jolie’s adaptation will be sticking closely to the original story of an Olympic track star turned WW2 hero who survived both prisoner of war camp and 47 days at sea drifting on a raft. It’s an amazing tale, but we reckon … you might be okay just sticking with the movie and blagging the fact you’ve read the book. You've got until late December to get reading.

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Wild - Cheryl Strayed

Social media sites suggest that Strayed and Reece Witherspoon - who plays her in the movie, as well as producing it - are now firm friends. Despite the movie adaptation of her 1000+ mile trek across the Pacific Crest Trail (and the emotional pain that prompted it) coming with a double thumbs up from Strayed, the book itself is still well worth reading. Where it threatens to lapse into sanctimony or philosophy-lite, it’s actually a gristly, funny, feminist read. Get in there before the January launch.

Electricity - Ray Robinson

Agyness Deyn’s big on screen debut - about a woman suffering from hallucinations about her dead brother, brought on by her epilepsy - is an adaptation of Yorkshire novelist Ray Robinson’s debut. It’s a compelling, if literary read, which won multiple awards. It’s well worth taking a look at this one before the movie - or indeed his most recent novel Jawbone Lake, a creepy thriller set in the Lake District. You've got a few days to get reading before it comes out on December 5th, so get your skates on.

50 Shades of Grey - EL James

Oh come on, there must be someone out there who didn’t know that the forthcoming soft-porn-but-also-a-bit-arthouse Sam Taylor Wood movie was based on EL James’ Twilight fanfic. Yes, it started as online fanfic until everything went nuts once Random House gave the paperbacks classy covers and took them mainstream. The writing is largely appalling, the feminist values might make you weep, and they’ve sold enough already - so save your pennies for Valentines Day and let’s all enjoy Jamie Dornan with his top off together.

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