The Best Cleaning Hacks On TikTok You Need To Try

BRB, we're off for a spring clean. From natural cleaning tips to gleaming oven rack hacks, these are all over our For You Page right now...

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You know the way TikTok’s algorithm is so uniquely specific to your interests that it sometimes feels like it’s reading your mind? Yeah, this one's about to hurt. Or at least, show your age. The latest trend sweeping all of our ‘For You’ pages: cleaning hacks.

That’s right, we’re obsessed with them apparently – so much so our social media feeds are filling with viral videos showcasing the best, and easiest, cleaning hacks around. From how to get a streak free shower to getting rid of dust bunnies behind the radiator, we’re all becoming our very own Mrs Hinch with Gen-Z’s answer to Kim and Aggie… TikTok.

According to a new study by GoCompare Home, ‘clean-Tok’ as it’s called received an overwhelming 13billion views. They ranked them in order of the most popular hashtags, with #LaundryStripping coming out on top with a viewing volume of 179million. Yes, really.

There's just something about them, isn't there? Even if you're not planning on doing any spring cleaning yourself this month, merely lying in bed watching someone else get their life together with the simplest hack and ending up with a gleaming oven is so... satisfying.

On the other hand, seeing how truly disgusting our household items can become - the laundry stripping hack may not be one you want to see if you've never soaked your pillows - gives you that extra boost to get up and well, clean.

It’s with that in mind we’ve put together a link of the best, or at least most viral, cleaning tips on TikTok so you can release your inner Mrs Hinch at home whenever you like. Get ready to save yourself hours cleaning, and lots of money, with these easy, cheap TikTok cleaning hacks...

The best cleaning hacks on TikTok

Laundry Stripping hack

Shower glass cleaning hack

Grout cleaning hack

Oven rack cleaning hack

Carpet cleaning hack using a squeegee

Washing machine cleaning hack

Unclogging sink drain hack with baking soda and vinegar

Mattress cleaning hack

Stain removal hack

Natural cleaning hack

Radiator cleaning hack

Mould removal hack

Cleaning trainers hack

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