Shower Meditation Could Be The Key To Factoring In That Elusive Moment Of ‘Me Time’

Struggling to find a moment to yourself during the Christmas holidays? Head for the shower

Shower Meditation

by Annie Vischer |

Shower meditation is pretty self-explanatory. You meditate in your shower. If you're already worn out from a busy Christmas holiday spent at home and desperately in need of some peace and quiet, this new gen practice could be for you. It's the antidote to a full house, to the scramble of having the kids home for the Christmas holidays and to a packed social schedule. Psychodermatologist Dr Alia Ahmed recently told Grazia that she recommends shower meditation to patients who are suffering from hair loss or skin concerns because of stress. 'Shower meditation is such a convenient way to embrace a moment of mindfulness regularly and lower stress levels,' she says, 'it's great for everyone and works for those with even the busiest of schedules.' Intrigued? Here's everything you need to know:

What is shower meditation?

Shower mediation - sometimes referred to romantically as waterfall meditation - involves rethinking your daily routine and learning to make the most of that brief moment of alone time in the shower. For many, showers are purely functional. You hop in, you wash yourself, your hair, and you hop out again. But what if you turned your shower into a mindful moment of 'me time'? For those for whom there simply aren't enough hours in the day to devote to relaxation, shower meditation could be the answer. It involves nothing more than hitting play on a 5 -10 minute - or more if your schedule allows - guided meditation, and hopping in the shower. The guided meditation gives you something to focus on, distracting you from the to-do lists and errands you'd usually be mulling over.

What is the best way to meditate in the shower?

If your mind is likely to wander when attempting to meditate, use a guided mediation app to help you focus. Any guided meditation recording is likely to do the trick, but apps like Insight Timer do offer guided shower meditations specifically, much like the one featured on Rituals' YouTube channel below:

These specially formulated guided shower meditations are tailored specifically to the routine of showering. They are normally much shorter than regular guided meditation recordings, and the narrator often makes references to the sounds and feelings of being under the water.

Either place your phone or speakers in a dry corner of your bathroom and make sure your volume settings are loud enough for you to be able to hear the recording when the water is running, or connect your phone to an in-shower radio via Bluetooth if you have one.

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