The Internet Thinks That Machine Gun Kelly Copied Harry Styles’ Nail Collection – Is This Is The Polish That Proves It?

Plus, how Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox took nail art to the next level at the Un/dn Laqr launch


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In the year that gave us celeb-backed male beauty brands from the likes of Pharrell Williams, Karamo Brown and of course, Harry Styles, the beauty arena now welcomes Machine Gun Kelly into the mix. Machine Gun Kelly sensationally announced the launch of his nail brand Un/dn Laqr over the weekend and the internet is convinced that he's stepping on Harry Styles' toes.

Even if Kelly has only recently appeared on your radar thanks to his highly public relationship with Megan Fox, you will likely have already spotted his penchant for a statement manicure. At Un/dn Laqr's launch the pair took nail art to another level when they appeared joined, nail-to-nail, by a long chain. A clever trick to train the camera lenses on Kelly's new Un/dn Laqr manicure? Highly likely. Un/dn Laqr is comprised of ten shades of nail polish and top coats, as well as two nail art brushes. Available to buy in the UK? Not yet, but stay tuned.

Although the collection was only released yesterday, the internet already has something to say about Kelly's choice of colours, comparing one of the standout shades with Harry Styles' own Pleasing pink. 'Party Favour' is a bright, glossy, flamingo pink fans think bears a close resemblance to Harry's own Granny’s Pink Pearls shade. Similarly, a matte topper 'Nothing (Matte)rs' has the same barely there, matte finish of Styles' 'Pearly Tops', albeit minus the iridescence.

Whether inspired by Pleasing or not, Kelly's Un/dn Lqr range has contributed to a renewed interest in men's cosmetics. After Harry's Pleasing collection officially launched, searches for 'men's nail varnish' went up on Google by 512% overnight, while Un/dn Lqr sparked another increase of 420% with its release.


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