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9 Prosecco Cocktail Recipes To Upgrade Your Favourite Fizz

I know what you're thinking: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. We certainly agree that there's little that can exceed possibly our beloved prosecco (except champagne perhaps...). That said, we could all do with a little variation in our sparkling wine repertoire. And what better variation than a pretty prosecco cocktail?

Now, there's nothing humble or low key about a prosecco cocktail. If you're whipping up one of these delicious concoctions, consider it a celebration in itself. Chose the right one and you could be whipping up something gloriously extra to mark the best of occasions (don't worry, we consider most Friday nights a 'special occasion' to).

But, where do you start? We anticipated your angst and did the Pinterest scouring for you. Here you'll find a selection of some of the nicest, most beautiful (ahem, Instagram worthy) and enticing prosecco cocktail recipes that we could find. We've tried to limit the ingredient list to things that are relatively easy to buy, so chill your best glasses and prepare to pop some bottles.

Scroll through our favourite prosecco cocktails below:

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