Kate Middleton Has Revealed Her Favourite Children’s Books

And there’s a very sentimental meaning behind some of her choices.

Kate Middleton children's books

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From The Very Hungry Caterpillar to We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, everyone has favourite books from their childhood that they love to read to their own children at bedtime - and it turns out Kate Middleton is no exception.

Marking World Book Day 2022, the Duchess of Cambridge has given parents bedtime reading inspo by recommending her all time favourite children’s books on Camilla’s Reading Room Instagram page.

‘To celebrate World Book Day, we are delighted to share some children’s book recommendations from HRH The Duchess of Cambridge,’ the post said. ‘Reading books have a profound impact on child mental health, as @literacy trust found when they condicted their Annual Literacy Survey last year, which discovered that two in five children said that reading made them feel better.

‘Not only that, but according to a study published in the Journal of Development and Behavioural Paediatrics, children who read one short book a day are introduced to almost 300,000 more words by the time the start school, helping boost their literacy and comprehension.’

What are Kate Middleton’s favourite children’s books?

The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark by Jill Tomlinson

What’s it about? Probably the cutest offering on Kate’s list, The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark is about a baby barn owl called Plop who’s too scared to go out hunting with his family at night. His mum sends him out of their nest to go and explore the world and in the process he meets new friends and finds that there’s a lot of fun and magic to be found when the sun goes down.

Why does Kate love it? ‘I loved this book as a little girl,’ wrote Kate. ‘Listening to my own children reading it has brought back so many wonderful memories. A comforting story to help children face their fears and grow in confidence with the help of others.'

Stig Of The Dump By Clive King

What’s it about? Everyone thinks Barney is lying when he says he’s seen a boy living in the dump near his house. But Barney thinks Stig is real and they become great friends as they learn more about each other and head off on unforgettable adventures.

Why does Kate love it? ‘As a child I loved spending time outdoors, making dens, digging, discovering and making things out of odds and ends,’ Kate wrote. ‘Whether this was why my father recommended this book to me or whether this book inspired my imagination, I can’t remember, but I have never forgotten this brilliant book and the values it teaches.'

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

What’s it about? Wilbur the pig's life has already been saved by a little girl called Fern, but when he’s sold to her uncle, he realises his life is in even more danger. That’s until a large grey spider called Charlotte becomes determined to keep Wilbur from the chopping block and comes up with an ingenious way to do it.

Why does Kate love it? ‘An all-time classic and loved in our house for obvious reasons!’ wrote Kate. ‘This is a charming story about friendship, loyalty and love.'

The Katie Morag Series by Maira Hedderwick

What’s it about? Katie Morag is always up to something. Whether heading on a camping holiday with her cousins, tasting every type of sweet she can find in her town or riding around on a pony, the much-loved heroine loves an adventure.

Why does Kate love it? ‘Fun stories for children of all ages and a great book for older children to read to younger siblings,’ Kate wrote. ‘These books are filled with captivating and beautiful illustrations to accompany the text so there’s lots to talk about!’

Feelings by Libby Walden

What’s it about? Designed for children to explore the world of emotions, this peep-through book has lyrical text and gorgeous illustrations that bring feelings to life and help children understand them better.

Why does Kate love it? ‘This little book is a wonderful way to help children understand and recognise their feelings and emotions and brings to life the importance of empathy,’ she wrote.

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