We’ve Found The Best Made.com Sofas To Buy In 2022 In The Summer Sale

Looking to buy a Made.com sofa this year? We've read all the reviews and here are the best Made.com sofas we're loving the most for 2022...

Made.com best sofas

by Victoria Gill |

Made.com has a great range of sofas, but even then, there's a lot to think about before you hit the 'buy' button. A new sofa is a big purchase: they're definitely not the cheapest piece of furniture you'll buy, and they get used a lot.

This is why it's worth doing your research before you make that big purchase. You'll want to consider the style and colour you want, sure, as well as how big the sofa can be (there's no point going for a plus three-seater if you've only got space for something small), and, of course, your budget. But you'll also want to consider how easy the covers are to wash - especially if you've got children and/or pets - and most importantly: how comfortable is it? No one wants to embark on a Netflix marathon on a sofa that makes your back hurt.

Luckily, we've done the research for you with our definitive guide to Made.com sofas, so all you need to do is sit back, relax and find the perfect sofa for you. And even better, the Made.com Summer Sale is in full swing right now with up to 40% off across all ranges.

Are Made.com Sofas comfortable?

The comfiest Made.com sofa, labelled on the site as five stars for ‘extreme comfort’, was the Samona sofa.

Overall, we have found that comfort is one of the main selling points of Made.com sofas, especially the larger, family-style sofas. They are also really easy to clean and wipe down, which gives bonus points in our book.

One customer said on the site: ‘You will literally sink into this sofa - it's incredibly comfortable, great value for money, easy to put together (it's just two pieces that are placed next to each other - somehow they stay in place) and the colour and fabric texture is lovely. Because the velvet is made from polyester it is easier to clean; rub lightly with a J-cloth soaked in cool soapy water and then dab up the moisture with a towel or loo roll - honestly works perfectly. My sister fell asleep on this sofa after 5 minutes of sitting on it for the first time because it is THAT comfortable.’

The Best Made.com 3-Seater Sofas:


Made.com 3 Seater Sofas

MADE, Orson 3 Seater Sofa, Natural Striped Recycled Safi, £945
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Orson's inspired by traditional English design – it'll be a super-chic addition to your home.

MADE, Fernsby 3 Seater Sofa, Silver Recycled Weave, £2,895
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Voted 5* for comfort. Statement sofa? Right here. Fernsby is about as stylish as you can get. Note the plump pillow-top seats, an abundance of cushions and soft recycled woven fabric. Not to mention the structured shape. So good. Made in the UK.

MADE, Jarrod 3 Seater Sofa, Outback Tan, £2,125
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Design up top and sleek lines below? That's Jarrod. It's the modern way to add an industrial vibe to your home. Slim metal frame, smooth leather, oversized cushions – on a sofa this sophisticated, you won't want to be anywhere else.

MADE, Maliri 3 Seater Sofa, White Boucle, £1,095
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Sculpted back. Clever curves. To-the-floor base. Maliri's revival design at its best. And note the comfy bolster-back cushions. This sofa was created in collab with James Burgess – he's a lover of form and function, and it shows.

MADE, Vento 3 Seater Sofa, Autumn Green Velvet, £975
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Made with generous proportions, comfy cushions and smart tailoring, the Vento is a chic choice for modern homes. Designed in-house, it has curved armrests, loose back cushions and side bolsters, this 3-seater sofa ups the luxe with autumn green velvet.

MADE, Reisa 3 Seater Sofa, Whitewash Boucle, £1,250
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Statement seating? You got it. Reisa's sure to gain guests' attention. And yours. Just check out that sculpted shape and tactile boucle fabric. This sofa's designed by Ian Archer – he's known for his luxe take on mid-century design.

MADE, Calendre 3 Seater Sofa, Midnight Brushed Cotton, £3,895
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Brushed cotton upholstery, generous proportions, and 100% feather-filled. Calendre epitomises comfort.

MADE, Avalon 3 Seater Sofa, Jeans Blue Cotton & Linen Mix, £1,450
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In the mood to get hygge? It's easy with Avalon. This generously proportioned, Scandi-inspired sofa is just waiting to host your movie nights, Sunday mornings and afternoon coffee breaks. Go on, settle in.

MADE, Orson 3 Seater Sofa Bed, Teal Blue Recycled Velvet, £1,095
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Upholstered with a touchably soft fabric. Inspired by traditional English design, with simplified lines for an updated feel.

The Best Made.com 2-Seater Sofas:


Made.com 2-Seater Sofas

MADE, Fernsby  2 Seater Sofa, Spruce Chenille, £2,395
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Fernsby is about as stylish as you can get. Note the plump pillow-top seats, abundance of cushions and soft chenille fabric.

MADE, Nocelle 2 Seater Sofa, Chic Grey Fabric, £825
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Nocelle's a slick statement. The architectural lines of the sofa's refined, black legs complement the angular silhouette of its arm rests and back cushions.

MADE, Scott  Large 2 Seater Sofa, Grass Cotton Velvet, £1,095
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Nothing says luxury quite like Scott. A sleek silhouette with pulled detail cushions, upholstered in plush velvet – it oozes sophistication.

MADE, Orson  2 Seater Sofa, Dark Blue Weave, £795
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Traditional design, updated with simplified lines – total drawing room vibes. This sofa's so inviting.

MADE, Russo 2 Seater Sofa, Mustard Recycled Velvet, £1,250
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Deep sink-in seating, recycled velvet upholstery, and soft fibre and foam-filled cushions – there's not a lot Russo doesn't have. As for style? Nailing it. Sofa, so good? We'll let you decide.

MADE, Jacklin 2 Seater Sofa, Silver Recycled Weave, £2,125
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What do you get when you mix Nordic design with minimalist vibes? Jacklin.

MADE, Anakie 2 Seater Sofa, Mountain Grey Fabric, £725
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That cool combo of cane and soft grey equals total on-trend goodness. This pared-back sofa is all ready for you to relax – that seat is seriously comfy.

MADE, Mani Large 2 Seater Sofa, Burnt Orange Cotton Velvet, £1,050
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The revival-inspired silhouette make Imani a trend-led piece. But comfort isn't overlooked, thanks to the soft burnt orange velvet and feather-mix cushions.

MADE, Fallyn Large 2 Seater Sofa, Stoned Sand Fabric, £1,250
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Fallyn's all plump cushions, slim legs and modern European vibes. But don't let its sophisticated looks fool you – it's just waiting for you to dive in and get comfy.

The Best Made.com Corner Sofas:


Best Corner Sofas From Made.com

MADE, Monterosso Left Hand Facing Corner Sofa, Oyster Grey Fabric, £1,995
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Voted four and a half stars and comes in three colours. Size matters and Monterosso is packing plenty of seating. But thanks to its corner style, it'll fit snugly in your room without overpowering the space.

MADE, Samona Right Hand Facing Full Corner Sofa, Pistachio Green Velvet, £2,350
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The big family corner one. Social seating, sorted. Samona's generous proportions and all-in-one pillow top cushion mean you can lounge how you like – no restrictions. Just super soft, feather-filled cushions. And that lush velvet? Samona keeps your guests happy style-wise, too.

MADE, Harlow Right Hand Facing Chaise End Corner Sofa, Orleans Blue, £1,150
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Perfect for lazy days, Harlow's large proportions and plump cushions make relaxing easy. Those slim black metal legs? The perfect contrast to that soft upholstery and seating. Check out Harlow's pulled detail, too. Seriously stylish, seriously comfortable.

MADE, Zarina Right Hand Facing Chaise End Corner Sofa Bed, Stone Corduroy Velvet, £1,595
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Ready to sink in? Zarina's a sleek chaise end corner sofa that doesn't compromise on comfort. Additional bolster cushions? Bring on the lounging. Refined leg detail? Relax in style. Got guests staying? It turns from seat to snooze in seconds.

MADE, Orson Left Hand Facing Chaise End Corner Sofa, Soft Pink Recycled Velvet, WAS £1,325 NOW £1,075
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Simplifying traditional English design with modern lines, Orson will make a chic addition to your home.

MADE, Arni Left Hand Facing Chaise End Sofa, Ivory White Boucle, £2,225
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Above all else, a sofa should be comfy. And you can be sure of that with Arni. It's all generous proportions, with a deep seat and super-soft cushions to lounge in. That textured fabric isn't bad to look at, either.

Are Made.com Sofas Made In The UK?

All Made.com sofas are made in the UK. However, its site says some of the products are made abroad. According to the site, you will be able to tell from the delivery times of the product if it's manufactured abroad, rather than in the UK.

Are Made.com Leather Sofas Genuine Leather?

Made.com has a range of over 21 real leather sofas.

Are Made.com Sofas Built To Last?

The reviews are really mixed on this one.

We are certain Made.com sofas are value for money. But it seems people have varying opinions on how they hold up.

One buyer said on mumsnet:

'We bought a sofa and an armchair from there. The items were much better value than anything else we could find but I think they try it on - our armchair legs had clearly been taken from a returned item; the castors were worn and there were multiple scratches and dents in the wood. They sorted it out in the end, but hugely disappointing. I think it's a potluck situation - you might be lucky and it's great value.'

Can You Wash Made.com Sofa Covers?

One of the main perks of Made.com sofas is that they are really easy to clean. The leather selection would typically be cleaned in the same way you would clean any other leather sofa, but all the sofas have great reviews online about how effortless they are to clean. According to the Made.com site, you should soak up liquids with a dry cloth, then use a hairdryer to avoid watermarks. If you've spilled something that might leave a stain, like red wine, it's best to ask a professional for help. In terms of maintenance, you should vacuum your sofa regularly to avoid dust building up as over time this can cause marks to develop on the fabric that cannot be reversed.

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