The Best Chairs In The Sale – For Eating, Working, Relaxing And Everything In-Between

Our round-up of the best office chairs, living room chairs and chairs from to spruce up any room. best chairs - dining, living, accent, desk

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What makes a good chair is debatable. Some people might prize design over comfort, whereas, for plenty of us, the ability to sit at said chair for eight hours a day without ending up in the chiropractor's office is by far the most important consideration. Ideally, you'll find the ideal happy medium: a chair that combines practical, comfortable design and beautiful form.

We've done our research to round up the best chairs to buy online right now, including the best lounge, dining, and office chairs has to offer with up to 40% selected items in its Summer Sale.

What to look for in an office chair

Dr Pankhania, Chiropractor at Healing Hands and postural specialist gives us her advice on what to look out for when buying an office chair.

• Pankhania advises that the chair base should not be too deep-cushioned so that your posture stoops.

• The chair should also be able to be adjusted in height because spines don't like static positions.

• Ideally you should be able to move the position of your chair every 30 minutes or so.

• Your feet should comfortably sit flat on the floor, with your knees at right angles.

With this in mind, we've gone onto and rounded up the best office, living room and dining room chairs with support curves and backrests, and adjustable heights.

How To Choose The Best Office Chair

The best office chairs for all your needs. keeps it simple and many of its chairs come in various colour forms so you are guaranteed to find one for your home.


Best Office Chairs

MADE, Margot Office Chair, WAS £275, NOW £200
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This velvet finished chair is soft and comfortable, although it's armless, which might not suit everyone. It provides total freedom to shift, fold your legs and move around as much as you need to.

 Thelma Office Chair
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Smooth curves, Nordic design, and a cushioned seat. This office chair is the triple threat for minimal offices. We love how the white seat contrasts the natural wooden legs and did we mention that this seat swivels too? Working from home? Happily.

MADE, Higgs Office Chair, £275
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The sturdy swivel base and easy-move castors make this the perfect practical chair for a stylish office space. This office chair is designed with a sophisticated space in mind.

Lule Office Chair
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Comfort zones? They're underrated. Lule's slim black legs, curved back, high armrests and swive chair are your home solution for an easy working day. And that cushioned boucle seat? You'll never want to avoid a video call again.

Keira Office Chair
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Kiera's gorgeous padded back and armrests, brass base, and soft pine green velvet make working from home feel so good.

MADE, Hektor Tub Office Chair, Tan & Black, £255
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Create a statement in your home office with Hektor's industrial-chic style. Tan leather paired with black metal legs and yet comfy enough to work in all day long.

MADE, Upton Office Chair, Soft Pink Velvet with Brass Leg, £275
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Upton's here to help you keep from home luxurious. It's got a padded seat, arms and backrest, and plush pink velvet fabric that's easy on the eye. We can't promise it'll help you answer those emails, though.

The Best Living Room Chairs has a wide range of chairs, here is a roundup of the best living room chairs. They're also suitable for your home office, spare room or even bedroom.

Gallery Best Living Room Chairs

Bedford Accent Armchair & Footstool
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Make a serious saving on this armchair and footstool that's oh-so lounge-worthy. Combining form and function, it's serving revival with a modern twist - scope the clean lines, textured boucle, and curved chrome frame.

Cecil Accent Armchair
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Ready to get comfy? Then you'll want to settle into Cecil's mid-century masterpiece. This accent chair is on-trend and perfect for a modern home – the solid oak frame, gold cotton-mix velvet and retro touch score it serious style points.

Deakin Accent Chair
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Inspired by industrial interiors with its structured brushed steel frame, clean lines and exposed bolt detailing, the sink-in-worthy cushions bring a softer edge.

Bonnie Accent Armchair
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This smooth curve chair will stand out in your house. The beautiful backrest with luxury fabrics and a petal-like shape wraps comfort and style all into one. Packed with revival vibes that is perfect for lounging in.

Margot Accent Armchair
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We love this accent chair with its boudoir style buttoned, quilted backrest and beautiful soft-touch velvet. Not to mention the metallic features on the bold wooden legs that make this chair an absolute charmer.

MADE, Amrita Accent Armchair, Whitewash Boucle, WAS £650 NOW £450
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Love a retro silhouette? Meet Amirta. This shapely armchair was made in collaboration with Busetti Garuti Redaelli, the award-winning Italian trio reinterpreting the traditional. In texture-rich boucle, it feels as good as it looks.

Herton Armchair
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What do you get when you take the traditional armchair and give it a dose of contemporary style? Herton. Upholstered in a soft woven recycled cotton fabric with generous proportions, we love the architectural shape and bolster cushions. Go on, settle in.

Moby Accent Armchair & Footstool
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The reason Moby's so inviting? That's down to the deep padded cushions and eye-catching retro design. And with the footstool included, get ready to maximise the relaxation vibes in your living space.

Modica Accent Armchair
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Rattan's resurgence doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. Perfect as a corner-statement seat or sitting back in your favourite sun spot, we love the contrasting matte black and rattan design. Boho at its finest.

MADE, Lottie Armchair, £335
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This Lottie armchair is compact and easy to rest on. It's influenced by mid-century design. If you're looking for a good old fashioned cushion backrest, this is the one for you.

MADE, Frame Accent Armchair, £675
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Soft curves and a sleek contemporary shape are integral to the charm of the Frame armchair. Understated and refined, it's perfect for those drawn to simple, effortless design.

MADE, Kolton Accent Armchair, £650
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A wide favourite. We love these chairs because you get the freedom of feeling like you can move, lay or sit up - the options are limitless. It's also an easy way to add excitement and interest to a corner space.

The Best Dining Room Chairs For Eating and Relaxing

While a statement armchair might get more airtime on your Instagram, your dining room or kitchen table chairs are just as important - here are some of our favourites.

Gallery Best Dining Room Chairs

MADE, Bibek Dining Chair, Cane & Black, WAS £125, NOW £100
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Cane recently made a comeback, and now it's here to stay. Speaking of – meet Bibek. We love the curved shape and pine legs. This is industrial-inspired with modern European influences, which is why it's just so good.

MADE, Arais  Dining Chair, Whitewash Boucle with Black Legs, WAS £225, NOW £175
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The tubular curved back? A statement worthy of a dinner discussion. Accentuated by slim, black legs, this chair is an invitation to linger long after the meal is over.

Klenno Dining Chair
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Note the barely-there curved shape, dark stain oak finish and leather seat.

MADE, Kasiani Carver Dining Chair, Olive Cotton & Linen Mix, WAS £325 NOW £195
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With its breathable cotton and linen-blend cover, plush padded seat, and all those cushions, Kasiani is the definition of comfy. So what are you waiting for? Sink in.

Rui Carver Dining Chair
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Rui is serving us unlimited vintage vibes – check out the striking black cane frame and curved corners.

Cyla Dining Chair
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Ready for some design drama? Cyla nails the brief.

Tacoma Set of 2 Dining Chairs
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This charcoal black dining chair set is the key to realising your Scandi supper dreams.

Abbon Woven Dining Chair
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Traditional design, with a modern twist. Abbon's the best of both worlds. Check out the curved backrest and natural woven seat. And the oak finish? So sleek and Nordic.

Edelweiss Set of 2 Dining Chairs
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These Nordic-inspired dining chairs are aesthetically pleasing and even with the luxury walnut and brass combo, come with a price that won't hurt your bank account.

Shona Dining Chair
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The curved back, sweeping sides, and inviting velvet fabric of the Shona provide both comfort and support, so the long dinner conversations can continue.

MADE, Hektor Set of 2 Tub Dining Chair, £475
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The set of two dining chairs combines tan leather with black metal legs for a sleek but wide base for perfect comfort.

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