These Are The Best Full Length Mirrors That Will Upgrade Your Home (And Allow For Great Selfies)

Extend your space and match your interior with these options of full-length mirrors.

Best full-length mirror

by Caitlin Casey |

Without a full-length mirror in your home, you're missing out on all the OOTD selfies and the ability to check that your outfit looks as good as possible. A complete necessity, you shouldn't live without a tall mirror in your bedroom or dressing room.

From shape to material and even height or width, there can be a lot to think about when investing in a full-length mirror. Oversized, minimalist mirrors are a great way of opening up space and suiting every aesthetic, while leaning mirrors have become a particular trend in interiors in recent years over hanging or free-standing mirrors. There's a mass of choices out there and you'll want to make sure you get the right mirror that suits the style of your home.

As well as allowing for sufficient outfit checks, full-length mirrors extend your home and make a space seem brighter and fuller. Adding height and depth to your room or hallway is a good investment to ensure your space looks complete. Grab a mirror that's at least a few feet taller than you are (especially in heels) so that you can get the full picture. Nobody wants to be crouching over or standing on their tip-toes just to see what they look like.

What Length Should A Full Length Mirror be?

That really depends on how much space you have and what kind of aesthetic you're looking for in your home. Where you can get really tall but slim mirrors, it may be best to go lengthier, whereas oversized wide mirrors might look better slightly shorter.

What works well as a baseline is to go a couple inches higher than the height of your head at least, so that you can get a full view of yourself from head to foot. if you have a leaning mirror, it may be able to be shorter as you'll be pointing the mirror upwards. Full-length mirrors can go as tall as 200cm and over, so it depends on how high you want it to go.

Want some mirror inspiration that will help you decide on a perfect full-length mirror for your home? We've found the top choices to buy, from art-inspired collections to minimalist classic mirrors.

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Full-length mirrors for your home

MADE Arles Arch Leaning Floor Mirror
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Best arch full-length mirror
Minimalist arch mirrors can make a space simply open up without affecting too much of the rest of the room. This Arles Arch choice from MADE is sleek and uncomplicated leaned up against a wall, and comes in both choices of gold or black. Take your pick.
Other options in this range include octagonal mirrors and freestanding options.
Size: 170 x 65 cm
Material: Metal

Deknudt Mirrors Obu Rectangular Full-Length Leaner/Wall Mirror
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CREDIT: John Lewis

Best unique design full-length mirror
Fitting nicely in a house with art pieces in mind, this Deknudt mirror will sit well as a statement piece of any living space. Contrasting the rectangular frame with a pebble mirror glass, your guests won't forget this full-length mirror.
Size: 178 x 71 cm
Material: Aluminium frame and fittings, mirror glass, neoprene

Dunelm Pretty Boho Decorative Gold Leaner Mirror 70cm x 150cm
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CREDIT: Dunelm

Best decorative full-length mirror
A classic choice for any vintage lover, this Dunelm choice makes brass stand out, framing the full-length mirror with a traditional border. This product is part of a Dunelm collection, so you can have the whole set dotted around your home for a smooth finish.
Size: 150 x 70cm

Garden Trading Fulbrook arched powder-coated steel mirror
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CREDIT: Selfridges

Best steel full-length mirror
Black steel gives a home the industrial look that suits any modern and contemporary interior lover. This full-length leaning arch mirror is powder coated and is usable both inside and out, if you wanted to decorate your exterior too.
Size: 170 x 60cm
Material: Steel

Oliver Bonas Issey Pebble Full Length Mirror
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CREDIT: Oliver Bonas

Best pebble full-length mirror
Pebble mirrors are a stylish way to get a more unique frame to your full-length mirror. With clean framing and bevelled edging, you can hang this on a bedroom wall for an easy makeover.
Size: 115 x 48.5cm
Material: Glass Mirror, MDF

Vivense Maia Floor Mirror, Gold
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CREDIT: Vivense

Best gold full-length mirror
Getting a freestanding mirror means you won't have to worry about leaning or hanging your full-length mirror on a wall. This Vivense London mirror is a perfect choice for sleek gold features with an arching border, to make for a stand-out dressing room choice.
Size: 90 x 180cm
Material: Metal

Liang & Eimil Cubist Grey & Bronze Rectangular Mirror
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CREDIT: Olivias

Best cubist full-length mirror
Looking for something more unique? This Liang & Eimil will certainly make a stand in any artist-loving home, or just if you want to make a statement with your interior. Made up of cubist-inspired bold shapes, this will be a sight to behold.
Size: Metal, Glass Mirror
Material: 160 x 80cm

Nordal Skylark Iron Wall Mirror
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Best art deco full-length mirror
If you're a fan of the Art Deco movement, this mirror is one to snap up and make at home in a themed interior. With black framing and wing features, this can be hung horizontally and vertically so the choice is yours.
Size: 200 x 100 cm
Material: Iron, Glass

Timothy Floor Mirror Walnut by Porada
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Best artist-inspired full-length mirror
This Timothy flor mirror by Porada actually has a little secret to it: it's inspired by Salvador Dali paintins with its sleek longline framing. If you're a fan of the Surrealist painter, you'll want to invest in this. Otherwise, its a chic full-length mirror to have.
Size: H177 x W47 x D44 cm
Material: Canaletta Walnut, Mirror, Brass

Hark Standing Mirror – Marble/Brass
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Best full-length mirror with storage
Mirrors can be functional too. Many mirrors have hidden compartments that you can store hangings and trinkets like perfumes or jewellery. This tall, thin mirror doesn't take up too much room but holds a lot of weight, including an umbrella stand, shelf and hooks.
Size: 180 x 40cm
Material: Glass, Iron and Marble

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