Aldi’s Sellout Heated Clothes Airer Is Back In Stores This Weekend

Your clothes deserve the VIP treatment, hun.

Aldi heated clothes airer

by Rhiannon Evans |

It's September, it's sunny outside and you can't imagine a time when your one smart shirt won't dry within moments ready to be popped on again for a day of waist-up dressing on Zoom.

But, think carefully.

Have all your years living in the UK taught you nothing?

It's about to get cold and wet and, mostly, IMPOSSIBLE TO DRY YOUR TOWELS.

And even worse, because you probably are working from home, you're going to have to sit around smelling wet washing for days.

So, be thankful (as ever) for the latest Aldi Specialbuy.

The champions of affordable treats have just released their bargain heated clothes airer, for £28.99.

The promo for the airer says: 'With 20 separate heated bars and wattage of 230, the Aldi Heated Clothes Airer is mighty enough to dry those king sheets and bath towels that have been kicking about in the laundry basket for weeks. But, unlike your actual laundry, it’s easy and light to fold and unfold so you needn’t worry about it taking up extra space in your home.'

The airer is such a bargain that it's already sold out online, but it will be available in stores on Sunday. And as you know by now - when it comes to the Specialbuys, when it's gone... it's gone.

Alright, we know it's not as sexy a purchase as a filling your wardrobe, but it DOES mean you'll actually be able to wear your favourite clothes this winter...

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