This Company Is Creating Amazing Christmas Doors For All Your Favourite Celebrities

Holly Willoughby, Rochelle Humes, Giovanna Fletcher and Kimberley Walsh have all had this company around to decorate...

Christmas door decorations

by Rhiannon Evans |

You'll find no scrooges here - I've absolutely LOVED seeing everyone put their Christmas trees and decorations up on Instagram over the last week.

But, have you gone full celebrity and this year opted for full Christmas Door decorations?

Ah, shame...

All your favourite celebrities have this year gone fully into Christmas door decorations, creating Christmas archways and displays that wouldn't look out of place at Disneyland, around their homes.

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And to be honest, after 2020, we're here for it - we cannot stop staring at celebrity Christmas door decorations. Amanda Holden has a Christmas door, Holly Willoughby has one, Rochelle and Marvin Humes, I'm A Celebrity's Giovanna Fletcher... the list goes on.

But seeing as these Christmas doors are FULL ON installations that look like you need an engineering degree, it's no surprise that this year, the celebrities have been outsourcing - and we noticed that many of the celebs having Christmas door displays had been helped by one company, Early Hours London.

Holly Willoughby's Christmas door...

Early Hours London originally started making floral displays, but this time of year have been the creators of some of the best celebrity Christmas doors - and in-house decorations - you can imagine.

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's Christmas door and decorations

Tom Fletcher took to Instagram to confess he'd had help from the company, despite promising his wife Giovanna Fletcher the family wouldn't put the Christmas tree up until she'd come home from I'm A Celebrity.

He wrote: 'With Mumma away and 2020 being, well, 2020, I wanted to make the home as Christmassy as possible for the kids...ok, it’s for me mainly but the kids love it too!'

Rochelle Humes's Christmas decorations

The best bit about all the posts on the Early Hours London account is that yes, you get to see all the celebrity Christmas decorations, but you ALSO get to sneak inside the celebrity homes. This door and hallways for Rochelle and Marvin Humes is AMAZING.

But we're also quite in love with the fireplace.

Amanda Holden's Christmas Door

After Amanda Holden had her whole radio studio decked out, it's no surprise she also decided she needed her own Christmas Door at home - we are also loving the video reveals too much.

Kimberley Walsh's Christmas Door

Former Girls Aloud star, Kimberley Walsh also got the company around to get a Christmas Door at her home.

Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch's Christmas Door

When it came to decorating their Christmas Door, Abbey and Peter went with 'A timeless festive scene in red and green with poinsettia, pine, holly, pinecones and oodles of baubles.'

They did Abbey and Peter's amazing tree too... with oodles loads more baubles...

Luisa Zissman's Christmas Door and Decorations

Meanwhile, Luisa Zissman went for 'all the candy rainbow colours for this fun festive entrance. Custom coloured baubles, frosty foliage, tutus and unicorns.'

... it needs to be admired in its full glory really.

Right... who's now obsessed with getting a Christmas Door?

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