The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals To Turn Your House Into The Home Edit

It's the perfect opportunity to get all your organisational needs sorted.

Amazon Prime Day Home Organisation

by Shana Lynch |

It’s the most magical time of the year — Amazon Prime Day! For two days next week, July 12 and 13, Amazon Prime members can exclusively save big on thousands of deals on the site. From tech to fashion to homeware, everything you could ever want is included and it’s all part of your Prime membership.

Now, speaking of homeware, if you’re anything like us, you devoured Get Organised With The Home Edit as soon as it dropped on Netflix. There was something so satisfying about watching Clea and Joanna go through the closets and pantries of celebrities and normal people alike and turn them into beautiful, organised masterpieces. It might have even got you thinking, I want to do that. I want my house to be a stunning, rainbow colour-coordinated beauty.

Well, now’s your chance! Amazon Prime is full of amazing Product — that’s Home Edit lingo, for the uninitiated — that will help you turn even the messiest of rooms into an organised sanctuary. From clear drawer inserts to rainbow-coloured folders, here’s the best Amazon Prime Day Deals to turn your house into The Home Edit.

To take advantage for all these great deals, sign up for Amazon Prime today for a free 30-day trial. As well as taking advantage of Prime Day, it also means you get free next-day delivery on thousands of items plus Prime Video, Prime Reading and Amazon Family.


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Boxalls, Rotating Makeup Organiser, WAS £21.99 NOW £17.59
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This make-up organiser is a must - especially if your dressing table is a disaster - and was reduced to £17.59 in last year's sale.

Sharpie, Permanent Markers, WAS £14.19 NOW £11.90
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A Sharpie for every mood? Last year, this rainbow of permanent markers was £11.90.

Joseph Joseph, Index Steel Chopping Board Set, WAS £65 NOW £41.99
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A cult kitchen buy, Joseph Joseph's set of chopping boards could have been yours for just over £40 last year.

Joseph Joseph Nest Lock 5-Piece Storage Container Set, WAS £35 NOW £20.99
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Meanwhile, its brightly coloured storage containers were reduced to £20.99.

Joseph Joseph, SinkBase Sink Tidy Set, WAS £20 NOW £13.99
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Haven't heard of a sink tidy? Joseph Joseph might just convince you to invest in this year's sale.

Joseph Joseph, Bathroom Easy-Store Toothbrush Caddy, WAS £12 NOW £7.99
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Its toothbrush caddy was also reduced to below £10 in last year's sale.

Joseph Joseph, Nest Chopping Boards, WAS £25 NOW £16.99
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These nest chopping boards were reduced to £16.99.

Joseph Joseph, CupboardStore 2-Tier Rotating Organiser, WAS £25 NOW £17.49
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For just £17.47, you could have solved the perennial problem of trying to locate a can of baked beans or jar of capers from the depths of your kitchen cupboards.

Joseph Joseph, Elevate Carousel, WAS £69 NOW £39.99
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An absolute classic from Joseph Joseph, this utensil carousel was definitely worth its sale price of £39.99.

Joseph Joseph, Totem Max 60 Litre Waste Separation and Recycling Bin, WAS £199 NOW £124.99
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This Joseph Joseph bin, with separate compartments for food, waste and recycling, could have been yours for just over £120.

Exacompta, Guildhall Essentials To Do List Pad, WAS £2.99 NOW £1.99
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If you're constantly trying to remember things you've forgotten (!), this to do list pad will be money well spent (last year's sale price was £1.99).

Post-it, Z-Notes, WAS £13.51 NOW £6.62
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You could have bought a lifetime's supply (well almost) of Post-its for £6.62.

Joseph Joseph, Nest 9 Plus 9 Piece Compact Food Preparation Set, WAS £50 NOW £34.60
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Joseph Joseph's nesting bowls and measuring spoons - a great investment buy if you've just moved and need to stock your kitchen - were reduced to £34.60.

GEEDIAR, Spice Racks Organiser, WAS £13.99 NOW £10.60
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This spice rack was just over £10.

YearningHome, 3Pack Storage Bags, WAS £30 NOW £13.59
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If you aspire to be the kind of person who has a 'winter' and 'summer' wardrobe that you alternate (I know, the dream), these storage bags might help (reduced to £13.59 last year).

SONGMICS, Ladder Storage Unit, WAS £39.99 NOW £28.19
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This stacking storage unit could also have been yours for just under £30.

SONGMICS, Coat Rack, WAS £27.99 NOW £21.59
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This coat rack, reduced last year to £21.59, is great for managing the overspill from your wardrobe.

SONGMICS, Drawer Organiser, WAS £13.99 NOW £10.39
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These drawer organisers are great for keeping the contents of your dresser looking spick and span (last year they were reduced to £10.39).

HOMCOM, Metal 4-Tier Mobile Storage Serving Trolly, WAS £32.99 NOW £25.59
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The possibilities are endless with this mobile storage caddy, which last year was reduced to £25.59.

AUERVO, Sewing Supplies Accessories, WAS £10.99 NOW £7.80
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If you're constantly crafting, why not treat yourself to a sewing supplies kit (which was just £7.80 on last year's Amazon Prime Day)?

Spedalon, Vacuum Storage Bags, WAS £37.95 NOW £23.96
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And finally, vacuum storage bags are the secret to keeping your wardrobe streamlined. These were £23.96 in last year's sale.

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