The Stone Age: Victoria Beckham Hides Crystal Pockets In Her Label’s Trousers

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by Lucy Morris |
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If you buy a pair of Victoria Beckham trousers and feel a sharp object nudging at your thigh don’t be alarmed. It’s not a forgotten security tag or a nubbin of a plastic from a swing tag, but likely a crystal. Once considered a little hippy-dippy, the good vibrations of crystals are catalyzing a fashion-meets-wellness boom and this Posh designer is leading the woo-woo charge.

The Olsen twin’s label The Row handed out healing crystals to attendees of their autumn/winter 18 catwalk show earlier this year, but they aren’t alone in embracing the benefits of these supercharged gems. Beckham has incorporated her mystical inclinations into her Pre-Fall collection, telling Elle, ‘We clipped crystals onto belt loops, and included secret pockets for them on wide leg trousers—so you can carry charms wherever you go.’

On one hand, scepticism towards mainstream religion coupled with the colossal reach of Goop and it’s modern wellness-philosophy has buoyed Google searches to nearly double in the last five years. On the other, the gaining appeal of crystals like rose quartz and tourmaline has become an elite status symbol that’s touted by celebrities. Of course, Spencer Pratt famously spent $27K on crystals to surround his wife Heidi Montag’s labour. But, he’s not alone, Naomi Campbell, Adele and Munroe Bergdorf have all spoken of their affection for these witchy gems.

Within fashion, the umbrella of mysticism has been bubbling away in the form of horoscope embroidered coats at Vetements and t-shirts at Clio Peppiatt. Meanwhile, Dilara Findikoglu’s occult citations and Gucci's references to alternate philosophies through third-eye make-up, dragons and tarot references have signalled an unstoppable trend.

‘It’s great to have designer trinkets,' author of Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now Age Guide to a High-Vibe Life, Ruby Warrington said to the New York Times, ‘But what are they worth if they can’t bring truth or happiness?’ As conspicuous consumption becomes bound up in questions of eco-unfriendliness, the crystal business is benefiting. If a dress comes with an added higher purpose, then is justification for purchase necessary?

Regardless of their higher-power appeal, the glint of these eye-catchy gems speaks to a rising trend for anything that sparkles. Between the KiraKira+ addiction of ’17, the refreshed interest in sequins and the embracing for maximalism with accessories, it seems it’s not just their positive charge that has us clambering of shiny stones.

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