Heidi Montag Gave Birth Surrounded By $27,000 Of Crystals

Sorry, what?!

Heidi Montag Gave Birth Surrounded By $27,000 Of Crystals

by Lucy Morris |

Spencer Pratt has long been a fan of crystals, but he took his obsession with these precious stones to another level for the birth of his first child, Gunnar Stone. The Hills star revealed on Twitter that his wife and fellow reality show alum Heidi Montag gave birth surrounded on Sunday night by $27,000 (£20,000) worth of crystals.

How do we know this? He tweeted: ‘Shout out @crystalarium1 for dropping off $27,000 in crystals for the birth.’ Nothing quite like the birth of your first baby to create an advertising opportunity…

Shall we pause for a moment to imagine that delivery room? As an interested follower, I would like to know how much crystal does that much money actually buy you. And, where was Heidi in all of this? Was she encircled by their healing powers or was Pratt taking refuge in the corner with a substantial pile of crystals. Who organised the crystals? Was Spencer busy choosing them while Heidi was in labour? As they've had a healthy little boy one has credit the crystals, they must have worked to some degree (even as a placebo).

The Hills

To be fair, Spencer hasn’t just jumped on the crystal bandwagon, he has shown an interest in them for a long long time. Fans of the reality show where he made his name will remember his adoration for them - watch the clip above for a memory jog. And, anyone tracking his career since will know that he owns with InnerVision Crystals his own line of crystals called Spencer Pratt Rocks. Also, at one point MTV reported he’d spent a whopping $1million on stones.

To be fair, I'm surprised Gwyneth Paltrow didn't think of doing this first. I see a Goop column coming Spencer Pratt's way...

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