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The Paris Street Style Pictures We’ve Been Screenshotting

© Shutterstock

Our camera roll has never looked so fabulous

New York, London and Milan are mere practice runs for Paris Fashion Week’s street style. Typically, the City of Lights has not just the biggest budget runways, the most top models and world-renowned front row-ers but also the most head-turning attendees.

Invigorated by the colours and shapes of the catwalk, these women are not shy to debut the newest clothes. A full Chanel look? Sure. A riot of Gucci ruffles first thing on a Monday morning? Why the heck not? Fired up by four consecutive weeks of globe-jumping fashion the outfits are getting more outré, more extravagant and more camera-savvy.

Yet, for some, this is still work and that means a certain (less sexy) practicality takes over. Weirdly, these are the looks we’ve been screenshotting and sharing. If you see me in the office next week wearing a jumpsuit and belt bag, you’ll know who I’ve been copying