Every Time Kate Moss Has Worn Leopard Print And Looked Amazing


Kate Moss Diet Coke party

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It's one of the most iconic combinations of the modern age: Kate Moss and leopard print. That might sound like an exaggeration, but having looked through pictures dating from now back through to the early '90s, I can say with some certainty that it's a pairing that has stood the test of time, enduring like very few fashion trends do. There's not a single leopard-print piece of clothing or accessory that she hasn't rocked at some point over the past three decades.

Just yesterday, at a party celebrating her four new designs as the creative director of Diet Coke, she wore a combination that fans will instantly recognise as classic Moss. A leopard-print blouse worn with black trousers, a patent waist belt, gold hoop earrings and a slick of red lipstick. Perfection.

She's famously fond of leopard-print coats, wearing them with everything from jumpers and black jeans to that little yellow dress to celebrate her 30th, and definitely knows her way around a spotted dress. Keep scrolling to see every time she's worn leopard print - and looked amazing.


SEE: Every Time Kate Moss Has Worn Leopard Print And Looked Amazing

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July 2022

Unveiling four new designs as the creative director of Diet Coke, Kate Moss turned to an old reliable - the leopard-print blouse - styling hers with a waist belt, gold hoops and a slick of red lipstick. Iconic.

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May 2022

For a fundraising event in London, Moss wore this fabulous jumpsuit from friend Stella McCartney.

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September 2019

Proving that leopard print can be on-duty as well as off, Moss wore this shimmering metallic shift for Paris Fashion Week.

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July 2019

Black jeans and a leopard-print blouse is always a good combination.

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January 2019

Working a similar combo but this time with just a splash of leopard spots underneath a belted jacket.

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February 2018

We would pay good money to raid the leopard print coat section of her wardrobe. Wouldn't you?

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September 2016

A sharp-shouldered and spotted blazer with black leggings shouldn't work. But on Moss, it's sublime.

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November 2012

Proving that leopard spots can look just as chic in grey.

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November 2012

Another one of her leopard print coats, this time styled with a cult jumper from Bella Freud.

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November 2011

Side-stepping her usual statement spots for a subtle nod in the form of this clutch.

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September 2006

This is classic Moss: a leopard-print coat, black sunglasses and ballet pumps.

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June 2006

Top-to-toe leopard has never looked so convincing.

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January 2004

For her 30th, Moss celebrated in a, you guessed it, leopard-print coat.

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December 1994

The definition of airport-chic, Moss touched down with this tank top and leopard-print bag combo in 1994. Arrivals have never been the same.

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