Here’s what your horoscope says about March in lockdown

What's in the stars for you this month?

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With spring imminent, March is a month full of optimism. It’s the perfect time to get outdoors – pop your headphones on and listen to an inspiring podcast or some motivational tunes, and don’t forget your sustainable cup for that coffee break! The clocks don’t change until the end of the month, so there are plenty of cosy nights to enjoy. Chill with How To Find Calm while burning a luxe candle, before donning a cosy eyemask. Read on for your horoscope for the month, from Britain’s coolest astrologer, Carolyne Faulkner.


P I S C E S - 19 Feb – 19 Mar

This is your month to shine and 2020 ushers in a whole new, uplifting vibe for Pisces. You are starting to actualise dreams and goals that until now may have taken a back seat. Your sensitivity will be heightened which is incredible for creativity and intuition, but may leave you vulnerable to lower energies, so protect your energy and master the art of retreat. Step away from the constant bombardment of information, courtesy of modern-day life. Spiritual and physical cleansing and healthy routines will boost your wellbeing on all levels and prepare you to receive soul-sent high vibe guidance. It’s essential to manage your energy, practise daily meditation, unplug from phones and spend time with gentle people who value you.

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A Q U A R I U S - 20 Jan – 18 Feb

Mercury the planet of communication retrogrades in your sign on 4 March, so clear up misunderstandings and tackle all paperwork. Feng shui your inbox!


A R I E S - 20 Mar – 18 April

The moon opposes your star sign on 10 March so avoid overreacting and adopt an attitude of compromise in all your dealings (personal and professional).


T A U R U S - 19 Apr – 19 May

Venus the planet of love, money and attraction moves into your sign on 5 March. This boosts your powers of seduction and attraction in general, so remain open-minded and socialise.


G E M I N I - 20 May – 19 Jun

The Moon is in your sign until 4 March, which boosts your emotional intelligence and gives you the power to understand others and situations on a deeper level.


C A N C E R - 20 Jun – 21 Jul

The pressure of the last two years is lifting; this was star sent to help open up your heart and to encourage you to embrace the kindness that is all around you.


L E O - 22 Jul – 21 Aug

2020 is likely to be as hectic for you as your opposite sign Aquarius, so master ways to care for your wellbeing and listen to your lion heart.


V I R G O - 22 Aug – 21 Sep

The moon moves to empower you on 8 March to coincide with International Women’s Day, so take time for self-appreciation and to connect with the women who have empowered you this far.


L I B R A - 22 Sep – 21 Oct

The Moon moves into your sign on 10 March coinciding with the end of Mercury retrograde – this is prime time for negotiations and win-win situations.


S C O R P I O - 22 Oct – 20 Nov

Both your governing planets are in the discerning sign of Capricorn, so it’s all about work and commitments for a little while longer. Hold steady and also make time for fun.


S A G I T T A R I U S - 21 Nov – 20 Dec

Opportunities triggered by Jupiter’s stay in your sign last year are ripe for the taking in 2020. Be kind to yourself and those who annoy you.


C A P R I C O R N - 21 Dec – 19 Jan

The Moon is opposite your sign on 4 March. This could be a great opportunity for compassion and forgiveness if you can muster empathy for yourself and others.

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