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5 Easy Office Outfit Ideas We're Stealing From Influencers This Week

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Steering you through another week in workwear

Like cleaning products, workwear is something I scrimp on. Stay with me. It’s a necessary essential, like bleach or washing up liquid. Faced with the known-name or the own-brand, I know which I’m picking. It's about function, not luxury after all. For instance, when given the choice of a beautifully cut pair of Joseph trousers or a similar, but flimsier style from ASOS, I know what I’m picking. This is my first mistake.

The second? Playing it safe. Work dress codes dictate most offices, and while Grazia’s is quite lenient it requires more thought than the average. With so many stylish women up on the trends and currently sat on my bank of desks it can make getting dressed a bit of a minefield. I don’t want to look silly or try hard, I want to look presentable and professional and so I end up wearing plain trousers and a t-shirt whenever I can.

We’re lucky that in 2018 there are so many chic women letting us live vicariously through their lives courtesy of Instagram. We see their every outfit decision in zoom-able detail. Rather than admiring from afar, I’m, going to copy them. I’m going to replicate their proportions, their palette and (if I can afford it) the very pieces they are wearing as I know these are a surefire way of making the right kind of impact. Just, please don’t tell anyone!