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Grazia Workwear Special: How To Dress For The Office Now With 10 Simple Tricks, Tips & Fashion Ideas

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How To Dress For The Office Now: The Workwear Tips & Tricks That Matter

This week’s issue of Grazia has a section devoted to the modern workplace for women – along with the findings of our career survey where we questioned over 1000 women in business (and the results are fascinating), you’ll find a special fashion featured dedicated to office-wear. It’s possibly one of the trickiest tightropes to walk on a daily basis – serious dress codes call for serious action, and while the original concept of ‘power dressing’ may have passed on, there’s no denying that what you wear affects your mood, ability and progress.

According to Grazia’s survey, what you wear to the office is also key in your ambition. Eighty two per cent of women no longer feel they need to ‘power dress’ to climb the ladder. Instead, 62 per cent of working women say they feel more confident in ‘fashion forward clothes’, half always wear full make-up to work and 41 per cent wouldn’t put foot in the workplace without heels on.

Our findings show that in general women dress to impress their female work colleagues – and they notice every detail. Two thirds keep a close eye on what their female colleagues are wearing and half admit they judge female colleagues on their fashion sense. In turn, four out of 10 women say they know their female colleagues judge them on their working wardrobe. A quarter of working women say they feel less confident if female colleagues are more fashion forward than they are, and a fifth of women lack confidence if colleagues wear more expensive clothes than them.

So if you need to be strictly business at all times and want to no longer feel the pressure of the above demands - but also don’t want to leave great fashion at reception - then follow our simple rules in the gallery below.