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5 Work Outfits To Love This Week

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Take note.

The conversation about workwear so often turns to what we can’t wear, rather than what we can. Like weddings, offices come with a dress code. But, there’s no champagne reception or first dance, just a sorry cup of Pret coffee and an endless stream of emails.

Be it start-up hoodies or, more common than not, a murky mid-way point between business suits and smart casual, these restrictions can be the thing that drives our working wardrobe into the doldrums; boring, mostly black and, in our option, safe.

At Grazia offices, we naturally have a little more freedom to flex our sartorial muscles. The wildest prints and the most manic colour pairings are cheered, but for most working women, this isn’t the case. Women, unfortunately, are judged on what they wear, their professionalism is levied up in tandem with their personal style. Understandably that can mean we interpret office-appropriate fashion in the safest way. Even here at Grazia, we find ourselves falling into a pigeonhole of tailored trousers and shirts.

After studying how influencers carry themselves and put together their own ensembles it becomes clear that they too are judged on their outfits. Sure, their credit card limit is greater than ours, but the rubric of what works for them is the same as it is for us. Use these women as a guide on how to add a touch of excitement to your 9-to-5 look. Introduce a plaid blazer and pink shirt like Maria De La Ord or a headband like Caro Daur to instantly up your office’s ante.

Here are 5 outfits we can’t help but copy: