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The Crown

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If you spent this weekend slip-sliding around your local park in totally inappropriate shoes then you have something in common with a most unlikely character: Margaret Thatcher. Or, at least, The Crown’s version of the Iron Lady.

The Crown
©The Crown

If you’ve already watched episode two, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. If not, go back, watch it lest we spoil a rather toe-curling moment, then rejoin us. In a nutshell, Thatcher visits the royal family at Balmoral, but, being the city girl she is, doesn’t think to pack a sensible pair of hiking shoes. Instead, and much to the bemusement of the tweed-clad and flap cap-wearing royals, she totters around in an increasingly mud-caked pair of pumps and eventually has to borrow some boots from the Queen. Quite the faux-pas, but one that you have probably found yourself making since all our socialising has headed outdoors.

The Crown
©The Crown

With wet weather over the weekend, I saw numerous people delicately picking their way through mulchy leaves and across muddy pathways, their shoes a mixture of white-soled trainers (eeek!), boots (somewhat better) and Crocs (at least you can wipe them clean). One man was even wearing flip-flops, a most unusual decision past August, but there you go.

Proper walking boots might seem extreme if you’re strolling around the park instead of scaling a mountain, but there is a happy medium between them and flip-flops. A pair of lace-up boots, preferably some with a chunky platform sole that will bear the brunt of the puddle muck quite nicely so that you can simply wipe them clean when you retreat back indoors. Princess Diana wears a pair; ditto Prince Phillip (minus the platform sole).


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Eytys, Michigan Boots, £2751 of 5

Eytys, Michigan Boots, £275

Grenson, Nanette, £3302 of 5

Grenson, Nanette, £330

Ganni, Hiking Mix Boot, £3753 of 5

Ganni, Hiking Mix Boot, £375

Zara, Flat Leather Ankle Boots With Track Sole, £79.994 of 5

Zara, Flat Leather Ankle Boots With Track Sole, £79.99

COS, Chunky Leather Chelsea Boots, £1755 of 5

COS, Chunky Leather Chelsea Boots, £175

Grenson’s Nanette is credited with making the ‘hiking boot’ a thing a few seasons ago, and its latest iteration has the heavy-duty platform you’re looking for. Penelope Chilvers’s Geographer boot also has a raised sole, but is made from suede so make sure you spray it liberally with a water-repellent solution (try Liquiproof’s Premium Protector) before heading for the hills. Eytys’s lace-up boots also have the requisite chunk, while Zara’s have a toothy track sole that will mean you don’t have to grab onto tree branches/strangers (a real no-no right now) to get you safely from A to B.

All you need to work on now is your silk scarf (tied around the chin, naturally) and a battered old Barbour.

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