We’ve Found The Best Jewellery For Layering Necklaces Like The Cool Girls On Instagram Do

How do they stop it all becoming a knotted mess? How do they get the length perfect? It's one of fashion's biggest mysteries...

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‘How does she do that?’ I mindlessly asked a colleague as we sat thumbing through Instagram with our eyes pausing on a picture of one Influencer piled high with untangled gold necklaces. Forget curating your wardrobe, it’s trinkety jewellery that really sets a style savant apart.

Lashings of gold jewellery has been part of the fashion agenda for several seasons and it shows no signs of waning in the slightest - just look at Adwoa Aboah whose lobes, neck and wrists are often piled high with teensy hopes and dingly-dangly chains. Personally, we’ve always been a little baffled about two things. Firstly, how to stop them from becoming a knotted mess and secondly, how to strike the right authenticity note.

We want to look like we’ve been collecting these flaxen treasures all our lives from markets in far-flung places and received them as cherished hand-me-downs. But, the reality is our mothers have barely given us anything more than 80s costume jewellery and all we brought home from those markets were cotton kaftans and straw bags.

Then we discovered NALIN studios. It’s a Dutch label that’s based in Southern Spain and creates quirky necklaces that are made for living in. They call them ‘modern daily essentials’, which makes sense as they are the type of pieces that you’ll never want to take off. Each piece is made from Vermeil gold, sterling silver and gold plating and is made with a lost-wax technique to create that perfectly imperfect texture.

There’s one catch though.

Every month at 7 pm (Central European time zone) they add one limited edition item to the collection. It’s these pieces that have the most character and give us the same adrenaline-rush thrill as uncovering a trinket in a far-flung market. Hence, the necklace we’re loving most at the moment is their October necklace, the ‘Emma’. Which is your favourite?


Nalin stuidos

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CREDIT: Nalin stuidos

NALIN studios, Emma Necklace, £113.49

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CREDIT: Nalin stuidos

NALIN studios, Noe Necklace, £113.49

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CREDIT: Nalin stuidos

NALIN studios, Love Ring, £87.10

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NALIN studios, Rose Necklace, £104.70

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CREDIT: Nalin stuidos

NALIN studios, Coeur Necklace, £113.49

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