Millie Dornan, Wife Of Jamie, Has Invented A Rather Clever Way To Get Us All Outdoors

Wild swimming anyone?

Millie Dornan and Jamie Dornan

by Natalie Hammond |

Jamie Dornan's wife, as well as being a composer and former actor, is an accomplished wild swimmer. How do we know this? Because Millie Dornan (otherwise known as Amelia Warner), along with her friend Daniela Bohling, has founded a label that is dedicated to the pastime, initially aimed at 'post-swim ease and warmth'.

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner

According to BBC Travel, wild swimming became, 'Britain's new craze', last year. The only problem is what to wear after you've been for a (most likely, if you reside in the UK) freezing dip? Some people swear by a Dryrobe, a parka-style coat with a fleece lining that functions like a wearable towel so that you don't feel damp and clammy on the way home from the pool or beach.

Dornan's Wylding Suit, meanwhile, is described as a 'relaxed-fit, thermal-lined, weatherproof boilersuit'. And while it was conceived as a great pre- or post-swim layer (you pop it on once you've removed your wet swimmers), its creators insist that it's excellent for camping trips, sailing, outdoor yoga, walking, festivals and socialising outdoors. If you've never worn - or never been keen on - boilersuits, they also point out that it's unlike any boilersuit you will have worn before, designed, as it is, with a special fit that includes an exaggerated drop crotch and loose-fit legs so that you're free enough to move, kneel and cycle in comfort.


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