Why Meghan Markle Is Defying Carrie Bradshaw’s One Style Rule

You can buy the very same scrunchie for £29.

Meghan Markle scrunchie

by Natalie Hammond |
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Carrie Bradshaw doesn't abide by fashion diktats. This is the woman who once wore a belt on her bare stomach so that it floated between the bottom of her shirt and her waistband, after all. But there is one rule that is practically gospel to Carrie. And Meghan Markle just broke it.

As Meghan hugged spectators in the crowd watching a sitting volleyball match as part of the Invictus Games, she was quite visibly wearing an accessory that is a complete no-no if you're a fan of the original SATC. A scrunchie!

Meghan Markle scrunchie
Meghan Markle wearing a scrunchie at the Invictus Games ©Getty

Who remembers the episodes with Jack Berger, Carrie's author boyfriend who would win gold medal at the Insecure Olympics? There's an excruciating scene where Carrie, who's just finished reading his novel, Hurricane Pandora, decides to tell him the one thing she didn't like about it, roasting him about the fact that his main character wore...A scrunchie, said in a voice so shrill that it demands an exclamation point. This turns out to be a hideously bad move because, then, as they're waiting at the hostess stand for a table, the woman in front of them is, of course, wearing a scrunchie (exclamation point). It's the beginning of the end for Berger - and scrunchies haven't fared too well either, to be honest.

Although there are some very cool iterations by brands such Ganni, Good Squish and Georgia Ratcliffe, they've never quite made their way back into the mainstream after getting a bashing from Bradshaw.

The Duchess, however, might be about to turn their fortunes around. It looks like she was wearing a silk scrunchie from Slip, the sleepwear brand that's a favourite with the A-list. Bigger than a see-through elastic but much smaller than your average scrunchie, it's the grown-up equivalent of the hair tie you used to wear around your wrist as a kid.

Meghan Markle wore a black scrunchie from Slip, which sells its scrunchies in a handy pack of six.

Carrie might not be a fan but after a solid endorsement from Meghan Markle, the scrunchie's time has come. Carrie? I'm sorry. I can. Don't hate me.

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