Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing Talks Festivals, Fashion and Mila Kunis: EXCLUSIVE

Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing Talks Fashion and Mila Kunis


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Festival season is upon us! And, post making up with Spencer, having a show-down with Louise and auditioning prospective Candy Kittens in the finale of ‘Made in Chelsea’, it’s been announced that Jamie Laing will be hosting the fashion show at Latitude festival next month. Exciting! Earlier this month, we caught up with the cheeky chappy to talk Professor Green, Millie Mackintosh and his newfound band with Proudlock and Frances over rum and cookies and now we can bring you part two of our exclusive interview. So listen up as Jamie talks fashion, girls and his festival survival guide…

**Grazia Daily: Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Latitude?

**Jamie Laing: Lana Del Rey for sure, she’s cute, I love her lips! And Paul Weller too. I’ve never been to Latitude so really looking forward to it.

**Grazia Daily: And you’re hosting the catwalk show there, are you really into Fashion?

**Jamie Laing: I really do like fashion; I have always been the kind of person to spend money on clothes straight away. Clothes are so expensive! I’m with Storm models and when they asked if I was up for it, I said yes straight away because I want to step away from the ‘Jamie from Made in Chelsea’ typecast so it’s a really good opportunity!

**Grazia Daily: Are you a bit nervous?

**Jamie Laing: No, I love the attention! It’ll be like 9,000 people and me. I’ve always wanted to do hosting and presenting. I’m not even going to prep beforehand, I’m just going to go for it rather than use notecards, that way, it’s so much more fun. ****

**Grazia Daily: What are your festival essentials?

**Jamie Laing: Sunglasses! My new ones are from Yellow+. I’ve also got a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses. They’re so big on my face though that they make me look like Robocop. In terms of clothing, I’ll go with easy, casual clothes as it’ll be hot and sweaty so everything will need to be loose. And, you definitely need a sleeping bag, rather than a tent, because you never know where you might end up [laughs]

**Grazia Daily: What, no hats?

Jamie Laing: No, I don’t look good in them! I was going to wear the BOY hat that Rihanna wore but I look stupid in it!**

**Grazia Daily: Where can we catch you shopping?

**Jamie Laing: I wear a lot of suits but my style changes a lot. I don’t really buy cheap clothes so my favourite designer is Acne, especially for jeans! I love APC and Jacob Cohen too. I go to Selfridges a lot, Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

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**Grazia Daily: What will you be drinking at Latitude?

**Jamie Laing: Rum! It makes me a happy drunk. Champagne makes me drunk but like, rank drunk and I’ve heard whisky can make you aggressive, rum is fun and full of sugar – which I love. ****

**Grazia Daily: What other festivals are you going to?

**Jamie Laing: I’m going to Secret Garden in Cambridgeshire; it’s on my friends land and I want to go to Bestival again. I went a few years ago and that was sick. I’m going to Ibiza too so I’ll be doing a lot of dancing this summer [breaks into a dance]. I’m not a good or bad dancer I’m just coordinated. If you are coordinated you can sort of dance, right? ****

**Grazia Daily: What fashion do you like on women?

**Jamie Laing: I really like summer dresses and wedges. And, I love black leather jackets. Have you ever seen ‘The Interview’ with Sienna Miller? Her style is so cute, it’s edgy too. I love the boho look. ****

**Grazia Daily: Speaking of ladies, who’s your ideal girl?

**Jamie Laing: Mila Kunis. Actually, a mix between Mila Kunis and Kate Hudson; Kate Hudson personality wise and because of her smile! I love girls mouths, I also love girls with a weird lisp, it’s a bit odd but I love something unique on a girl like that. Pixie Lott has a slight lisp and that is so hot! She is lovely actually. I know her boyfriend though… His cheekbones are literally falling out! ****

Jamie Laing will be hosting the Storm Graduate Fashion Show at Latitude Festival, Suffolk, July 12-15. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

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