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Jamie Laing: Let's Take A Look At Made In Chelsea's Longest-Standing Lost Boi

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Meet one of Made In Chelsea's longest standing cast members...

Jamie Laing is one of Made In Chelsea's longest serving members, not to mention the fact that these days, he is arguably the most well known. This is down to two factors. 1. Jamie Laing is very charming. 2. Jamie Laing is very good at self-promotion and ventures outside of Made In Chelsea. As E4's Made In Chelsea: Croatia spin off comes to a close and with another series of SW3 adventures surely just around the corner, we've taken a look at what Jamie - formerly one third of the show's Three Lost Bois, dating from what we fondly refer back to as the MIC golden years - is all about...

This is very rude. But do you know what Jamie Laing's net worth is?

I mean, it's a terribly crude question. One I can't believe you're interested in hearing about. OK if you must know, it's estimated by Spear's (a wealth management company - something you likely don't need) that with his sweet company Candy Kittens, on top of his numerous other interests and deals, he's worth approximately £2 million. Which is cool. Because that's pretty much the same amount of money that I have in the bank too. Except that's a lie on my part.

What school did Jamie Laing go to? He looks suspiciously familliar...

He probably looks familiar because he is everywhere in telly land - that peroxide crop is pretty hard to miss. If you are still certain you were sat in double maths with the lost boi, he studied at Radley College and the University of Leeds. At Leeds, he studied Theatre and Performance. Of course he did.

Who are his parents?

Jamie's parents are Nicholas and Penny, but maybe stick to addressing them by Mr and Mrs Laing when you first go round for tea. You might, of course, recall that Jamie is the heir to the McVities biscuits fortune (his great great grandfather Alexander Grant invented the digestive biscuit, FYI) which probably means he will also inherit a lifetime's supply of Hobnobs and Penguins too (quite the inheritance, in our eyes).

Wait. Is Jamie Laing really heir to the McVities fortune?

Welp, it's not exactly as simple as we've just made it sound, so here's the rather complicated deal. Jamie's great-grandad was reportedly a dude called Alexander Grant. Alexander did us all an astonishing favour by inventing the Digestive biscuit. If you head here and scroll down to 1892 you can see a picture of him. He became managing director of the company and, when he died, and his sone died, the company was inherited by Hector Laing, Alexander's grandson-in-law, Jamie Laing's great-uncle. Jamie has two full siblings and four half siblings so he's deffos not the sole heir.

What's Jamie Laing's height?

You are nosey aren't you! Fancy a job in journalism? We need curiousity and recklessness by the bucketload. Well, since you asked, he's 5 ft 9.

What tattoos does he have?

In typical Jamie Laing fashion, the MIC lothario posted a Snapchat pic of Frankie's name in italics on his chest and initially we nearly spat out our lemon and ginger tea.

But then Jamie uploaded the same picture with the caption 'True or false', so we have a hunch that this was all one big, fat lie to fuck with us. Oi mate, don't do that to us, we have had three coffees today and are extremely fragile.

Jamie Laing's Instagram is a treat for the eyes

If you're a fan of gratuitous holiday shots, his and hers couples style and side by side images that compare Jamie's leopard print shirt collection with that of EastEnders icon Pat Butcher. Which, of course, you are. Follow him on the handle @JamieLaing for nostalgic 'bro' shots of Jamie and his pal and podcast co-host Francis Boulle, with the odd appearance from the final third of the Lost Bois, Oliver Proudlock, too. Oh, the heady summer of 2012...

What's this about Jamie Laing's podcast?

As a millennial multi-hyphenate extraordinaire, it's only right that a podcast is included amongst Jamie's many side hustles. Titled Private Parts, it's co-hosted with Francis Boulle, Chelsea's favourite entrepreneur, and promises to reveal 'the most intimate and sordid details of [their] lives.' If that doesn't pique your interest, surely nothing will...

What age is Jamie Laing. Or, how long do I have before I need to be as successful as him in order to make me feel OK about my life?

He's currently 29, and will hit the 3-0 milestone on 3rd November, if you fancy sending him a card.

Where can I follow Jamie Laing on Twitter?

He's JamieLaing_UK and like any influencer worth his Himalayan pink salt, he is very good at promoting his personal brand. Lots of retweets about his various products, partnerships and new ventures. Oh, and cryptic things like this...

Two years on and we're still not sure what he meant.

Jamie Laing's girlfriend is still Frankie Gaff, right?

Well, this is awkward. After calling time on his relationship with Frankie Gaff earlier this year, Jamie now has a new girlfriend, 19-year-old Heloise Agostinelli, who made her debut on series 15 of Made In Chelsea back in March. Though Heloise has remained pretty elusive, we do know that her father is a self-made billionaire, so presumably she and Jamie have plenty to talk about, namely their respective net worths. C'est l'amour!

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