Here’s What Your Horoscope Says For July

What's in the stars for you this month?


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Thank heavens for summer! Never have we appreciated the great outdoors more than we do this year. So now that we can spend whole days outside, how about a picnic in the park? If you’re lucky enough to have a garden – or even a windowbox – grow your own veg from seed. And if you want to venture into the woods, try the Japanese art of forest bathing – and don’t forget your fitness watch to see how far you’ve gone. For more tips on the healing power of nature, check out the Deliciously Ella podcast. Read on for your monthly horoscope, from Britain’s coolest astrologer, Carolyne Faulkner.

CANCER - 20 Jun – 21 Jul

This is your month to shine! Cancer is the sign associated with gentle and nurturing beings who use their ability to heal with words and kindness. Mercury’s retrograde cycle in your sign has likely heightened your sensitivity perhaps causing you to retreat. But fresh ideas and solutions will abound when you step out of your comfort zone. Find some beautiful trees to sit under, stay long enough for them to soothe you with their tranquillity. Saturn opposes your sign again until December so delighting in the little things in life is the key to staying happy. Mother Nature will inspire your creativity and work to heal your heart and keep it open, come what may.

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LEO 22 Jul – 21 Aug

The Moon in your sign on the 20th refreshes your happy vibe and the Sun moves in on the 22nd bestowing much needed internal vit D; the more you can take in, the happier you are.


VIRGO 22 Aug – 21 Sep

Your ability to conjure up pragmatic solutions are called upon throughout the month, just watch out for burnout. The Moon in your sign on the 23rd heightens emotions; be kind to yourself.


LIBRA 22 Sep – 21 Oct

July is set to busy for you. Your career and commitments are highlighted on the 24th via a connection to Saturn – it’s wise to speak up and present new ideas.


SCORPIO 22 Oct – 20 Nov

The influence of Uranus in your opposite sign Taurus is akin to a roller-coaster ride! There are immense opportunities for you this month to progress on worldly and spiritual levels.


SAGITTARIUS 21 Nov – 20 Dec

On the 2nd you have a positive connection to Saturn which leads you towards new career aspirations. By the 29th you have the chance to confirm agreements.


CAPRICORN 21 Dec – 19 Jan

There’s a partial lunar eclipse/full Moon in your sign on the 5th. Release all that no longer serves you; the rest of July ought to give you more than a few wins.


AQUARIUS 20 Jan – 18 Feb

Saturn leaves your sign until December which ought to calm the chaos and offer opportunities to move past the uncertainty. It’s time to enjoy support and progress.


PISCES 19 Feb – 20 Mar

Uranus impacting your sign on the 7th is likely to shake you out of any ruts and send new opportunities your way. The moon in your sign on the 8th triggers the artist within.


ARIES 20 Mar – 18 April

Mars (your ruler) is in your sign all month, boosting your energy and power of attraction. You have the ability to achieve so much this month. Run with the wind!


TAURUS 19 Apr – 19 May

Uranus is direct in your sign all month which should help you to solidify plans. The 13th is a powerful day to iron out problems. Steady your energy with regular walks.


GEMINI 20 May – 19 Jun

The 16th is a big day, Venus, Moon and North Node are all in your sign, so shining is inevitable, yet the North Node is all about karma, so listen to your quiet inner voice.

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