Is This What Harry Styles’ Bedroom Looks Like? Gucci’s New Homeware Collection Is A Maximalist’s Dream

It's right up Styles' street.

gucci decor homeware - harry styles

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Harry Styles and Gucci: it's a fashion partnership made in heaven. For some time the Watermelon Sugar singer has been wearing Alessandro Michele's designs with flair, starring in not just one but two Gucci tailoring campaigns (alongside various farmyard animals) and the Gucci fragrance campaign for Mémoire d’une Odeur. Styles has worked hard to go from a former boy band member discovered on the X Factor, to a fully-fledged fashion icon. And, it all started with some bell bottoms.

gucci decor homeware - harry styles
Harry Styles in Gucci at the American Music Awards, 2015

Marking the beginning of a Gucci-heavy aesthetic for the 26-year-old, the One Direction star was pictured alongside his former bandmates at the American Music Awards in 2015, clad in a floral, flared Gucci suit that would rival your Grandma’s wallpaper. Since going solo, and with the help of his stylist Harry Lambert, Styles has established himself as a fashion rule-benderwith risk-taking sartorial tastes. He is fearless when it comes to fashion; school girl shoes, lace jumpsuits and grandad knits are all part of the star's repertoire.

Many of Styles’ looks can be chalked up to his close relationship with Michele - starting at the wallpaper suit and establishing itself firmly with that iconic semitransparent Met Galajumpsuit - quickly he has become a firm fixture in the Italian house's glittery world. All our dreams came true at once when Gucci launched its famed homeware line, Gucci Décor, in 2017 and finally released the floral-suit print as an actual wallpaper, alongside an eclectic array of trinkets, throw cushions, tableware and accessories.

gucci decor homeware - harry styles
The print on Harry's trousers was made into wallpaper

Gucci, Herbarium print wallpaper, £160 - available here.

In a year in which we've spent more time at home than anywhere else, it's hardly a surprise that we've all become something of an expert when it comes to interiors lately. Which gives us all the more reason to invest in unique pieces that spark joy. This is exactly what Gucci must have had in mind when it was conceiving the new Décor collection.

gucci decor homeware - harry styles

The homeware line is 'designed to bring the eclectic, romantic aesthetic of the house to life in a way that enables customers to creatively dress their own spaces,' and is an extension of Alessandro Michele’s world at Gucci. The latest offering, titled Souvenir From Rome, is inspired by the design house's Cruise 2020 collection, giving the feeling of the most luxurious types of trinkets and textiles that you'd find while visiting such a romantic locale. Surely, this can only be what Harry Styles' house looks like?

gucci decor homeware - harry styles

The collection takes inspiration from everything from 1700s Rome to vintage 1970s furnishings, brimming with hallmark Gucci designs including some of the design house's familiar motifs like butterflies, stars and eye prints. There's even an appearance from Mickey Mouse, giving new meaning to the word kitsch.

gucci decor homeware - harry styles

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Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware1 of 18

Harry Styles in the Gucci Tailoring Campaign

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware2 of 18

Gucci, Check wool cushion with butterfly, £750

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware3 of 18

Harry Styles Performs at the Greek Theatre

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware4 of 18

Gucci, Floral wallpaper, £310

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware5 of 18

Harry Styles Plays Madison Square Gardens

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware6 of 18

Gucci, Herbarium dessert plate, set of two, £155

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware7 of 18

Harry Styles in the Gucci Tailoring Campaign

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware8 of 18

Gucci, GG and check throw blanket, £705

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware9 of 18

Harry Styles Performs at The Masonic Auditorium

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware10 of 18

Gucci, Thistles wallpaper, £310

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware11 of 18

Harry Styles Attends The Met Gala 2019

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware12 of 18

Gucci, Feline print coffee pot, £530

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware13 of 18

Harry Styles Attends The American Music Awards

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware14 of 18

Gucci, Herbarium print wallpaper, £160

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware15 of 18

Harry Styles in Gucci out in London

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware16 of 18

Gucci, Geometric G wallpaper, £310

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware17 of 18

Harry Styles

Harry Styles meets Gucci Homeware18 of 18

Gucci, Disney x Gucci mug, £225

Gucci Décor is available in Gucci flagship stores and online at

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