The Best (And The Funniest) Pop Culture Halloween Costumes For 2022

Because Halloween costumes don't have to be spooky.

Best And Funniest Pop Culture Halloween Costumes For 2022

by Emma Richardson |
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If you haven't sorted out your Halloween costume yet, this is a gentle reminder to get going with your outfit, stat. Yes, it's slightly last minute, but thankfully, next-day delivery exists.

If deciding on your outfit has proven to be a difficult task because you are seriously lacking some inspiration - and are, frankly, sick to death of fake blood, anything with a tail and cobwebs in a can - then allow us to help.

We have two words for you: pop culture.

Yes, a pop culture costume is the perfect get-out-of-jail-for-free card. They're easy to execute, everyone will understand who you are, and the best part? The options are endless. Anyone with a Netflix subscription (or Twitter account for that matter) can come up with an iconic pop culture costume. There really is no downside, is there?

So, in an effort to get you out of your last-minute Halloween costume panic, have a look at some of the best (and funniest) pop culture-inspired Halloween costumes that we could come up with.

Your title as best-dressed partygoer awaits.


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Anna Wintour1 of 12

Anna Wintour

Halloween doesn't mean you have to sacrifice high fashion. This year, dress up as fashion mogul Anna Wintour and turn those heads at your Halloween party.

What you'll need: Red Trench Coat, Black Rounded Edge Sunglasses and this Short Blonde Wig.

Pitbull2 of 12


Dress up as Mr Worldwide this Halloween and win the best (and funniest) dressed costume contest. Your party trick can be that you can recite all the words to International Love.

What you'll need: Oversized White Shirt, Black Trousers and some Black Metal Aviators.

Katherine Pierce3 of 12
CREDIT: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Katherine Pierce

What could be more iconic than Nina Dobrev's character Katherine Pierce from the Vampire Dairies? Best known for her eternal charm and indescribable beauty, there is every reason why you should embody your inner femme fatale and dress up as her for Halloween.

What you'll need:
Black Lace Pleated Dress, Small Black Hair Claws, Vampire Diaries Silver Tone Locket and
Vampire Diaries X Blood Drip Lip Tint for a vampy red lip just like Katherine's.

She Doesn't Even Go Here Meme4 of 12
CREDIT: Paramount Pictures

She Doesn't Even Go Here Meme

She doesn't even go here! Take a trip back to 2004 and dress up as North Shore High's finest - Damian.

What you'll need: Blue Drawstring Hoodie and Pilot Style Aviators.

Adam Sandler Core5 of 12

Adam Sandler Core

This has to be the comfiest Halloween costume ever, hands down. Embrace your inner Dad aesthetic and dress up as Adam Sandler for your upcoming spooky soiree.

What you'll need: Superman Classic Logo T-Shirt, Black Drawstring Shorts and some Chunky Grey Trainers.

Paris Hilton6 of 12

Paris Hilton

Now that we are seeing a revival of Y2K fashion, what better way to embrace the latest trend than dressing up as the noughties' it girl, Paris Hilton? Bonus points for anyone who can find their old flip phone to complete the look. That's hot.

What you'll need: Pink Velvet Hoodie, Pink Velvet Trousers and some Chunky Grey Trainers.

Bob Ross 7 of 12
CREDIT: Warner Bros

Bob Ross

Take some inspiration from Maude Apatow's Euphoria character Lexi Howard and dress up as art legend Bob Ross. Try getting into character by having a go at painting.

What you'll need: Black Trousers, Blue Shirt, Bob Ross Wig and a Paint Brush.

Body Pouf8 of 12
CREDIT: Dakota Fanning Via Instagram

Body Pouf

Layer up some tutus and you're ready to go. Borrow a rubber duck from your bathroom to hit a home run with this Halloween costume.
What you'll need: Blue Tutu and a Black Unitard.

Gordon Ramsay 9 of 12

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is scary when he shouts, so technically this is your typical spooky Halloween costume.

What you'll need: Chef Jacket and this Blonde Wig.

Hannah Montana10 of 12
CREDIT: Walt Disney

Hannah Montana

Remember when Hannah Montana had us all in a choke hold, and we all used to dress up as her? Let's relive our childhood this Halloween.

What you'll need: Hannah Montana Wig and this Sequin Dress.

Violet Beauregarde11 of 12
CREDIT: Warner Bros

Violet Beauregarde

Chewing, chewing, all along. Dress up as little miss diva Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory this Halloween. You could also convince your bestie to be Veruca Salt.

What you'll need: Blonde Wig, Purple Dress and this Purple Eyeshadow. Don't forget the chewing gum.

Darla Finding Nemo12 of 12
CREDIT: Disney Pixar

Darla Finding Nemo

Arguably the most terrifying costume of them all, Darla from Nemo is the perfect pop culture costume if you still want to get your spook on.

What you'll need: Hair ties for bunches, this Purple Sweatshirt and some tin foil from your kitchen drawer to make some fake braces.

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