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Put Down The Clutch - This Is The New Evening Bag To Get A Hold Of

© Instagram/@cultgaia

Between Gareth Southgate’s waistcoat and everyone carrying multicolour beaded bags like their five-year-olds, this summer could be summed up with one word: eccentric. Also, consider the trend for micro sunglasses and cowboy boots and suffice to say the totems of 2018 aren’t exactly practical. In this already busy personality-driven space, there’s a new accessory battling for supremacy and it’s one we think you should pay attention to.

Like the climax of a spring-summer season of unapologetic statement-making fashion comes the new shape of evening bags. Nearer a clutch than a shoulder bag, closer to haberdashery than a traditional handbag, it feels like a breath of fresh air compared to our capacious day-to-day totes. Instantly recognizable by its eye-catching swishing tassels, these lantern-shaped accessories tend to hang from a slender wrist-strap and have petite interiors. Read: expect to fit an iPhone, your keys, card and lipstick in at most. Maybe it’s the hypnotic sway of the fringing or perhaps it’s their total negating of function but this is the sort of glamour-on-steroids that has us RSVP’ing to every event we’re invited to.

After several seasons of bore-core (sorry normcore) dressing down, the catwalks have finally reembraced the glow up. Fortified with silver and sequins, this winter’s trends tap into the power (shoulders) of the 80s for fully-charged and unashamed after-dark options. Before these forthcoming trends hit the store, introduce the fringed evening bag into your fashion vernacular to get ahead on this sartorial game early. There’s just one cardinal rule though: don’t get tangled up in its fringed tentacles.