23 Sunglasses To Prioritize Over Every Other Purchase This Summer

23 Sunglasses To Prioritize Over Every Other Purchase This Summer

by Lucy Morris |

There are only a handful of items that live above the trend cycle, and sunglasses are one of them. Similar to classic handbags, they fall in and out of fashion at a far slower rate than say colour or print that seemingly change with the wind or whim of designers.

After years of large, face-shielding Jackie O specs holding pride of place in our holiday wardrobe, teeny tiny angular sunnies have staged a successful coup. It’s an optical revolution. A bona fide fashion mutiny. We need to say 'thank you' to the Hadid’s and Kendall Jenner for staging such a compelling case for the resurgence of Matrix-lite specs. And, Adam Selman's successful collaboration with Le Specs for the popularity of piercing cat-eye shapes. While they do little to blind the sun, they typify the direction of trends to come (meaning: this won’t be the only early 2000s revival item coming our way, look out Uggs will be coming for your feet next).

Bejewelled glasses, like that on offer at Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, are peacocking into focus for spring-summer 2018. Over the top? Very. Sparkly and ready for a Kira-Kira close-up? Certainly. These bedazzled incarnations aren’t for the shy and retiring. As the saying goes more is more and in this case it’s never been truer. Similarly, many brands have reinterpreted classic '80s shapes, like aviators or the square thick-rimmed frames of Cazals. While a tad more subtle than the blinged out options, they still loudly and proudly protray the mood of the season.

Whatever your sartorial personality, with the daylight hours stretching on now is the perfect time to embrace the power of these sun-shielding specs.

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Stella McCartney, Blush Icy Ice Sunglasses, £165

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